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Worcester County Commissioners discussed the following at the November 16 meeting:

OP Library Heating Valve

Commissioners voted 6-0 to approve additional funding for the Ocean Pines Library Heating Valve Replacement Project, which is currently underway. According to a memo from the director of the Department of Public Works, Dallas Baker, the project cannot be completed without the funding, which aims to modify the system as recommended by the engineer.

“It is critical that heating deficiencies be addressed to meet the current and future heating demands of the facility,” Baker wrote.

Training, plows, cleaning

Commissioners voted 6-0 to approve a request for funding of $ 24,251.04 from the Department of Public Works to cover the cost of two new snowplows, snowplow training, and office and yard cleaning services. bathroom.

“These are articulated plows for small three-quarter ton trucks which are very useful and better suited for road maintenance in housing estates as opposed to the larger six-wheeled truck with fixed-wing plows,” wrote Baker in a note.

The training will take place at Delaware Technical College. The cleaning service will replace a rotating schedule that road workers signed up to clean the office, allowing them to do the job they were hired to do.

The breakdown is $ 17,538 for snow plows, $ 2,380 for training and an estimated $ 4,333.04 for cleaning service.

Departmental meetings 2022

Commissioners voted 6-0 to approve the meeting of Commissioners and budget timetables for 2022. After the vote, Commissioner Chip Bertino proposed to adjourn the last meeting of Commissioners of the year, unless something urgent does not happen. Bertino said it was generally a meeting that seems like it can be skipped. The commissioners approved the 6-0 motion.

Public hearing refused

Commissioners voted 2-4 to deny a public hearing that would have discussed an amendment to expand the sewer planning area in Pocomoke City to include a royal farmhouse located just across the state border in New Church, Virginia. Commissioner Josh Nordstrom backed the expansion, saying the current septic system serving the property has failed and could be an impending environmental disaster.

One of the arguments of opposing commissioners – Bertino, Jim Bunting, Ted Elder and Bud Church – was that this was the responsibility of the appropriate legislative body in Virginia.

Nordstrom argued in vain that geographic logistics made it sensitive that Pocomoke was dealing with the problem and that it would be more of a Pocomoke problem than a Worcester problem.

This story appears in the print edition of OC Today on November 19.

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