Weld County Commissioner Steve Moreno will not seek re-election, he will retire – Greeley Tribune

Weld County Commissioner Steve Moreno, commissioner general since 2014 and two-time chairman of the board, will not be seeking re-election this year as he plans to retire.

Moreno was elected commissioner in 2014, winning nearly 70% of the vote against opponents Lynette Kilpatrick and Carl Erickson. He was re-elected in 2018 and served as president that year, a position he held again in 2021.

Prior to serving on the council, Moreno was elected county clerk and clerk for up to three four-year terms. Prior to that, he worked in the office of the Clerk and Archivist for over 17 years. In a press release announcing his retirement, Moreno said it has been an honor to serve the county for the past 37 years.

In announcing his retirement, Moreno endorsed former commissioner Kevin Ross, who simultaneously announced his intention to run for the seat that will be vacated by Moreno. Fellow Republican Elijah Hatch is also a candidate for the seat.

“Kevin’s knowledge of county government and dedication to the residents of Weld is unmatched,” Moreno said. “He has already proven himself as an effective leader in the commissioner’s role by helping to guide the county through some of its most trying times at the start of the pandemic.”

In the release, Moreno highlighted career highlights, including maintaining the county’s financial position with no debt or county sales tax, as well as a strong cash reserve and one of the lowest levies among counties. from Colorado. Moreno has served on several boards and commissions. He also participated in the Weld County Parkway and Weld County Road 49 projects, the largest public works capital improvement project in county history.

Moreno is excited to spend time with his 38-year-old wife, Joyce, and two children, Douglas and Courtney, the statement said.

“I am honored to have been elected countywide five times by the people of Weld and tasked to represent them in two elected offices. I appreciate the support and the responsibility,” Moreno said. “It will always be the highlight of my career – a career that would not have been possible without the support of my wife and children, who allowed me to sacrifice family time to fully participate in public service. “

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