We need accountability; we need change for Midland County Commissioner, Borough 4

I find myself in a second round on May 24 against the current commissioner representing enclosure 4 who has been in office for almost a quarter of a century.

I’ve knocked on over 2,500 doors and listened to the residents of Precinct 4. I hear their message about the need for a County Commissioner who will devote time, effort and energy to bringing about change indispensable. The citizens of Precinct 4 and Midland County deserve the best representation from their county commissioner and county government. That’s why I’m applying for this position. I will serve with the energy to do the job well, with sincerity, integrity and bring a new and fresh perspective to headquarters.

Since applying for this position in December, I have visited 10 of the department heads and toured the jail, the Barbara Culver Juvenile Center and the Horseshoe. I will continue to learn about the various departments in Midland County regarding improvements for Midland County, and dig deeper into pressing issues to find appropriate and effective solutions to our problems and challenges. I will be fair, transparent and accountable.

While knocking on doors, the tax issue was raised several times. Therefore, to understand our taxes, I met with the Midland Central Appraisal District Chief Assessment Officer to understand how the Midland County tax rate is affected by assessed property values. Our tax rate may be $0.141635, but our taxes are still high. Why? Because estimated land values ​​have skyrocketed. I will focus on it once elected.

Faithful service, insightful and visionary representation are needed to solve the most pressing problems. These issues are: a new management contract for The Horseshoe that favors the county; adequate roads; drinking water systems to cope with the rapid growth of the corridor between Midland and Odessa; public safety; and responsible taxation and spending of your tax dollars. People want someone who will show up, deal with ongoing issues, work hard, return phone calls, and be ready to meet the needs of the community. Politics and political pressure and intimidation have no place in county government, or any other governance for that matter, and I will not engage in or condone such activities.

My husband, Ed, and I raised three children in this community, and I have served in many ways with many organizations and nonprofits. I am a former district governor of Rotary International. I currently serve on the Rotary International Council on Legislation. I served on the MISD school board to rid our community of the cluster system and I was successful. I was Chairman of the Board and later Acting Superintendent of Midland Academy Charter School when it was facing bankruptcy and closure, and the school is now thriving. I was chairman of the board when St. Ann’s Parish was planning and building the Commons addition. I am a member of the Junior League of Midland and a board member of Midland County Republican Women. I am a civil servant at heart. I believe service is the rent we pay to be.

I am supported by community leaders: former mayors Ernest Angelo, Mike Canon and Jerry Morales. Kevin Sparks, Republican candidate for Texas State Senate District 31, and Aaron Kinsey, Republican candidate Texas State Board of Education, District 15. I am also supported by Charles Hall who was in the March primary ballot to form a threesome race.

We need change. We need someone who is a true fiscal conservative, who believes in tax and spending accountability, who will be transparent, who will be accessible, who will be fair, who will work hard and serve in the best interest of the taxpayers of Midland County. I am that person. Please vote Dianne Anderson for County Commissioner 4 on May 24, so we can work together to build a better life for our community.

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