Wadena County Commissioners Refer ADU Order to Planning Commission – Wadena Pioneer Journal

WADENA – Wadena County Commissioners have spoken in favor of allowing secondary suites. But, the County Planning Commission’s proposal was not what the commissioners wanted to see in the amended ordinance.

The ordinance defines additional housing as housing for aging parents or financially challenged children, and affordable housing with no subsidies attached to it.

The structure must be on land zoned agricultural and have a minimum of 2½ acres. The structure can only be 750 square feet in total, even though there is a main level and a second floor. There must also be a family home on the property.

The commissioners reviewed the county planning commission’s recommendation and suggested they consider the living space plus an attached garage. It has been noted with longer winters, and these aimed at elderly parents, having an attached garage would make sense.

Wadena County Coordinator Ryan Odden said the planning commission‘s concern about allowing an attached garage was because some people were using the area as living space.

Commissioners have been advised if changes are made to the zoning ordinance, then another public hearing would have to take place before approval can be considered.

The commissioners agreed that it would be best to send the ordinance back to the planning commission for consideration of their recommendations.

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