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Commissioner Kevin Janak on Monday announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for a fifth term as Constituency 2 Commissioner in Victoria County.

For Janak, one of the most important responsibilities as a commissioner is to ensure that he is spending taxpayer money wisely.

“I’m very serious about saving and being very frugal with their tax money,” Janak said. “I am proud to be a very in-depth conservative voice on the pitch.”

Since becoming commissioner in 2007, Janak said, he has led several initiatives to help reduce costs for taxpayers, including negotiating contracts with energy suppliers to protect the county from price spikes in the city. ‘energy. The county now has energy contracts until 2034 at a price of 3 cents per kilowatt hour, he said.

“It’s great with what we’re going through right now with the high fuel prices,” he said. “If we didn’t have that in place, you could practically add a quarter of a million more per year to our electric budget.”

He also participated in efforts to improve safety and fire protection at the Juvenile Justice Center and to minimize the amount of local taxpayer money that subsidizes housing for minors in other counties. In 2013, Janak represented Texas counties on an initiative to improve the Texas Department of Transportation’s Out-of-System Bridge Replacement Program, which provides matching funds for the replacement of old or unstable bridges to counties dealing with drainage projects that might otherwise be unable to pay for new bridges. He used the program to replace six bridges in his enclosure and will soon begin work on a seventh bridge.

Looking ahead, he said there were a number of drainage projects in the county that he was eager to complete, including those off Parsons and Springwood Roads.

“Another thing is that we have to make sure that the sheriff continues to receive what he always needs to keep the public safe,” Janak said. “The men and women who risk their lives for us, we must give them the tools to do so. “

Janak has also served as an Acting Victoria County Judge since 2019 and is active in many community organizations including the Victoria Livestock Show and the Knights of Columbus.

He married his high school girlfriend, Tammy Long Janak, 40 years ago, and together they have two sons and three granddaughters. Her family is a long-time member of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Victoria.

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