Victoria County Commissioner Election, Constituency 4 | electoral center

Two candidates, incumbent Clint Ives and challenger Kenneth Sexton, will face off for the Republican nomination for Victoria County 4 Commissioner.

Ives, who was first elected in 2011, said his time leading construction crews before becoming commissioner of Precinct 4 helped prepare him for the job. This gave him the skills to manage people and budgets. He also spoke to those in the position before coming forward to better understand the position so he could get down to work, as the administrative side of the job has a high learning curve, he said.

As Commissioner, Ives focused on improving much of Enclosure 4’s infrastructure, as much of it was aging. The neighborhood had 68 miles of gravel roads, three to five times more than other neighborhoods in Victoria County, he said.

He has also focused on public safety, ensuring that the Victoria County Sheriff‘s Office is properly funded, with the Court of Commissioners significantly increasing the office’s budget since taking office.

He is also working to ensure the health department has the resources it needs, noting that the pandemic has shown the need for a modern health department.

If reelected, Ives plans to continue to seek improvements to his neighborhood and the county’s road systems using federal and state assistance to maximize the county’s ability to meet its infrastructure needs without having to go through taxpayers. He also plans to continue supporting law enforcement and the health department to maximize their service capacity.

Sexton, an Inez resident and Victoria native, said his character and running his own ranching business gave him the experience to be the Commissioner of Precinct 4. With his character, he envisions to bring transparency to the commissioner’s tribunal, he said.

If elected, Sexton plans to resolve the drainage issues in Precinct 4 through a drainage study with the drainage district. Much of Compound 4 struggles with flooding when it rains, he said.

He also plans to visit every facility in the county and meet with every county employee once they take office.

Sexton describes himself as an outgoing person and wants to talk to everyone, not just people in leadership positions. Sexton promises transparency and accountability and hopes to make Victoria County an even better place to live.

Sexton previously founded and developed the Homeowners Association for River Oaks Townhomes in College Station, where he served as Vice President for five years and President for two years.

The winner will have no opposition from the Democratic Party in the general election.

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