Travis County Commissioners Court approves fiscal 2022 budget


The Travis County Commissioners Court approved and unanimously adopted the county’s draft budget for fiscal year 2022.

The $ 1.4 billion budget takes effect October 1 and includes investments in mental and behavioral health, elections and emergency response.

Highlights of the annual operating costs of the Travis County General Fund include:

  • Health and social services: $ 79.7 million
  • Public safety: $ 117.4 million
  • Community and economic development: $ 21.6 million
  • Infrastructure and environment: $ 41.1 million

In addition to the annual operating costs of the general fund, the Court of Commissioners has included the funding of the following priority projects in the budget for fiscal year 2022:

  • Robust Election Office ($ 5.8 million): Ensuring Safe and Accessible Elections with an Increased Budget That Will Allow for the Purchase of New Technology and Additional Staff
  • Mental Health Services ($ 5.1 million): Expand mental and behavioral health care services, with an emphasis on community-based prevention services
  • Emergency Services ($ 1.1 million): expand the county’s emergency response system, including forest fire mitigation, global emergencies, and disaster crisis management
  • Medication and Overdose Assisted Treatment ($ 175,000): Address the Opioid Epidemic by Increasing the Budget from $ 75,000 to $ 250,000 for Life-Saving Methadone and Medication Treatment
  • Housing with permanent support services ($ 600,000): investments in housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness, with a focus on those who come into contact with the criminal justice system
  • Services for the Deaf ($ 89.8,000): provide translation services for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Housing Services ($ 89.3K): Keep the elderly and disabled in their homes by helping them make necessary repairs
  • County Internship Program ($ 90,000): Invest in future leaders of local universities and colleges through paid county internships, with a focus on improving diversity and equity.

See a budget summary here.

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