Town Planning Commission Approves Proposed Revisions to Citroen Map

Joe naman

Village news reporter

The County Planning Commission has approved revisions to the Citroën provisional subdivision map.

The Planning Commission voted Dec. 5-10, with Thomas Hough in opposition and Yolanda Calvo absent, to approve the revised provisional acquisition map as well as an addendum to the project’s environmental impact report.

“The scope of this revised map does not have an extended development footprint and would in effect result in the removal of the requirement to build the Pala Mesa Road as well as the removal of the improvements to Pankey Drive and Pankey Lane,” said the county planning and planning department. Ashley Smith, Head of the Development Services Project Planning Division. “There would be no further impact from this revised map.”

Citro was called Meadowood in January 2012 when the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved the Interim Acquisition Card, General Plan and Plan Specific Amendments, rezoning, major use permit, plans for the site and environmental impact report for the 384-acre development. The original approved map included 397 single-family homes, 447 multi-family homes, 13 acres for an elementary school to be built by the Bonsall Unified School District, four acres of parkland, 128 acres of open organic space, 47 acres of open farm space, 5.9 miles of trails and a sewage treatment plant.

In order to avoid impacts on sensitive environmental resources, a public park has been relocated and the residential component is now expected to consist of 473 single-family homes and 352 multi-family homes while the size of the public park has increased to 9.1 acres with the increase. trail length reduced to 5.6 acres. The supervisory board must approve any zoning, general plan or specific plan change, but the PDS director can approve minor changes to a provisional map and the Planning Commission has the power to approve or modify a provisional map.

The original interim acquisition card required off-site road improvements and right-of-way allocation for Pankey Road, Pankey Place and Pala Mesa Drive. These road improvements would provide emergency vehicle access and allow the North County Fire Protection District to meet the five-minute response time stipulated in the public safety element of the County General Plan. Pala Mesa Drive runs through the Campus Park West project, which was approved by the Supervisory Board in June 2014.

Tri Pointe Homes now own the Meadowood / Citro land and Tri Pointe Homes and the North County Fire Protection District approved an updated agreement on August 10. Construction of Pala Mesa Drive has been phased out while an interim design of Pankey Road and Pankey Place will connect to Pala Mesa Drive. A temporary traffic light will be installed on the old 395 highway and on the Pala Mesa promenade near NCFPD 4 station, and the intersections with signage along the old 395 highway and 76 national highway will be modernized.

Horse Ranch Creek Road will be upgraded to a public boulevard with an elevated median, and the new agreement calls for these to be fully constructed within 18 months. Tri Pointe Homes provided a targeted traffic analysis showing that the removal of the Pala Mesa Drive and the interim road designs for Pankey Place and Pankey Road will not result in a significant traffic impact.

A preliminary decision approving the changes was issued on October 19 by Kathleen Flannery, who had been the interim director of the PDS until Dahvia Lynch was appointed director of the PDS. The approval was included as a piece of information at the Planning Commission meeting on October 29. If no Planning Board member or member of the public had requested a hearing, Flannery’s decision would have become final, but the Campus Park West property expressed concerns and the hearing request gave Pappas Invest the time to review details and work with PDS staff to address concerns.

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