The zoning change request divides the Planning Commission

A request has been submitted by Efrain Patino, owner of Thompson Mexican Grill and El Mexicano # 3, to have the printing house moved from its current zoning of the central business district to a business headquarters. This would allow Patino to apply for a conditional use permit for the property, to use it as a small warehouse and storage space to service his businesses in town.

The printing house has been for sale for about five years and a prior request to rezone the property was refused in 2018, despite the building’s configuration and lack of parking making it suitable for use as a small warehouse.

The owner of the neighboring building, Phil Willard, and representatives of the owners of the Worthington Globe production property have both submitted letters in support of the zone change. However, staff recommended that the request be denied, primarily to avoid “localized zoning,” which would create a non-compliant parcel in a larger zoned district. Staff also found that the zoning change would be “incompatible” with the goals set out in the city’s comprehensive plan and could leave the area open to future conflicts.

“I understand all of these arguments and I think they’re great and growth – it’s a wonderful idea,” said President Ben Weber, “but the point zoning is a huge hurdle for me to overcome… change that area here would allow for a future, big warehouse and everything in between, which we don’t want that kind of conflict with the overall plan.

However, not all members of the commission opposed the change of zone. After the public hearing in which Patino and other members of the community spoke out in favor of the change, Commissioner Erin Schutte Wadzinski argued for on-site zoning under these “unique circumstances” and agreed to the request. Zoning B-3, which would still require a conditional use permit.

“There comes a time when I think we need to advocate for exceptions to avoid longer vacations and waste,” Wadzinski said.

A motion was made to approve the zone change request and, after receiving 4-2 approval, the recommendation was forwarded to Worthington City Council to take final action at its January 10 meeting. .

Kivu law gets a permit

Commissioner Wadzinski recused herself at another hearing for a conditional use permit – a permit that would allow her to operate her law firm, Kivu Immigration Law, in existing buildings at 218 and 222 10th St Both in her letter of request and during the public hearing, Wadzinski said her business has grown faster than expected and to accommodate more staff in the coming year, she is looking to relocate to a building. bigger.

Several community members and Kivu immigration law staff have expressed support not only for the conditional use permit, but also for the work being done by Wadzinski’s cabinet.

“It’s a pleasure for me to know [Erin] and to know that a young entrepreneur like her has succeeded, ”said Jorge Lopez, who rents the current offices in Kivu from Wadzinski. “I will really appreciate your consideration for the approval of this conditional use license. “

The motion to recommend approval was passed unanimously and will be submitted to City Council at its next meeting for final approval.

In another action, the Planning Commission approved the recommendation of another zone change, for a property located on the east side of Nobles County 5, from its current designation of Transition Zone to that of Density Residential Zone. medium.

Huegerich Construction, a The Nebraska developer plans to build multi-family housing there to serve JBS employees. Final municipal council approval is required.

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