Taxes, medical insurance and appointments are the main issues at the Court of Commissioners | Local News

Rising values ​​set on land and property by the Jasper County Assessment District were the focus of concern for many attendees at the Jasper County Court of Commissioners’ regular monthly meeting on Monday. A large number of people from all over the county appeared and expressed their frustrations.

The first major item on the agenda was to petition for a local election in Precinct 3 at the south end of Kirbyville. Laura Nance with Me Maw’s Convenience Store on Highway 96 had circulated a petition to place the local liquor sales option on the November ballot. The petition needed 950 signatures from registered voters to put the article on the ballot, but the number of verified signatures fell below that number on the last day allowed for submission, so it looks like the issue won’t make it past the voters in November. as expected.

Mark Mueller, formerly of Evadale and now living in Buna, has been nominated by No. 4 Precinct Commissioner Vance Moss to fill a vacancy on the No. 1 Emergency Services District Board of Directors. The commissioners approved the appointment.

Commissioners have approved an extension of grazing rights for Gary Drgac on the Jasper County School Grounds in Pecos County, Texas. Drgac grazes his cattle on the 9,000 acre land for $31,500 a year.

The item that sparked the most public discussion was when commissioners voted on renewing the county’s health plan. Jasper County pays for county employee insurance and of course the costs go up. Discussions about the cost passed on to taxpayers and the number of employees were raised. Then some said they were paying property taxes and getting rid of their insurance. Then the discussion escalated into property valuation issues. Commissioner Seth Martindale of Precinct No 1 said it was a finger-pointing exercise because the ‘blame game’, as Martindale put it, seems to be pitting local officials against each other others while many problems are transmitted from Austin. The commissioners finally approved the insurance plan while assuring those present that they are looking for savings and efficiency wherever they can.

Other items included various reports and payment of the county bill before the adjournment.

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