Tax Abatement Policy, Mitigation Action Plan January 18 Court of Commissioners Agenda

Court of Commissioners asked to appoint 2 NETEX board members, as well as a risk mitigation coordinator on Tuesday

A tax abatement policy, a mitigation action plan, days for fireworks sales and an agricultural lease with the city are on the agenda for Jan. 18 for the special court session. Hopkins County Commissioners. Appointment of two people to the NETEX Board as well as a hazardous materials coordinator.

Hopkins County commissioners are scheduled during the 9 a.m. session to consider approving a tax abatement policy.

The court will also be asked to consider appointing two members to serve on the Northeast Texas Rural Transportation District Board of Directors, to replace Precinct 1 Commissioner Mickey Barker and Neal Barker, who served those two years as Treasurer of the Board of NETEX. Barker also served on the board for a few years. Neal Barker at the NETEX board meeting in January 2022 requested that he not be re-elected as treasurer of the organization.

Earlier this month, the Sulfur Springs City Council on January 4, 2022 agreed to again extend to Hopkins County for use by Precinct 2 a fixed license fee pursuant to the License Agreement farm from January 2022 to obtain sand from a pit on the former Thermo/Luminant mine property, now owned by the city. The deal must now be approved by the county.

The court of commissioners will also be asked to approve a resolution approving an updated five-year mitigation action plan, appoint a risk mitigation coordinator to manage all aspects of the updated and revised mitigation plan for the county and towns of Como, Cumby and Sulfur Springs. .

The court is set to receive an order that, if approved, would again allow the sale of fireworks for Texas Independence Day, San Jacinto Day and Memorial Day.

After the regular meeting, at approximately 9:30 a.m. on January 18, 2022, the Court of Commissioners is expected to move to the third floor meeting room for a business session. The court is scheduled to meet with Hopkins County Fire Marshal Andy Endsley and Sheriff Lewis Tatum to discuss operations, review income or expenses, suggest improvements and repairs for their services, and arrange a budget work session.


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