Support Fallon for County Commissioner

I’m supporting Jack Fallon for Flathead County Commissioner. He was chairman of the Evergreen Fire District where he successfully worked on the construction of a new fire station. While serving as president and board member of Evergreen Water and Sewer, he gained popular support for a new sewage collection system. He served as Vice Chair of the School Board for School District Five, where he currently serves as Chair of the Finance Committee and Technology Committee. With a successful career in finance as well as tax and management skills, he has the experience, interpersonal skills and references the commission needs.

Jack understands the importance of an open discussion. It researches an issue before making a decision and does not make board appointments without input from various sources. He believes in compromise and listens to multiple points of view before making a decision. He believes in transparency and civility. He treats everyone with respect. He believes in the importance of recreation, as evidenced by his lifelong support of youth soccer and hockey. He is also a fiscal conservative.

Over the past few years, Pam Holmquist and her fellow commissioners have made disastrous decisions. They illegally licensed the “Bridge to Nowhere”, approved the resort on Lake Five, and provided a disputed permit for a water bottling plant that cost the county and individuals thousands of dollars in legal battles. Their appointments to the library and health boards have created chaos, mistrust and resignations. While Flathead County has the fastest growing population in Montana, the commissioners have failed to create and manage an adequate budget. They refused requests for more sheriff’s deputies and embezzled $500,000 a year from recreational and medical cannabis revenue made available by the state. They rejected a trail plan despite overwhelming community support.

We need new leadership to create a new county jail, fund the sheriff’s department, maintain our roads, support a trail system, and address affordable housing issues. It’s time to change. Jack Fallon has the expertise and the personal courage to make things happen.

carol santa claus

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