Suisun council reduces planning commission to 5 members

SUISUN CITY — City Council officially reduced the number of planning commission members from seven to five this week.

The order was filed in December. The board’s action on Tuesday was part of the consent schedule and was taken without further comment. It comes into effect in 30 days.

Mayor Lori Wilson attended the meeting virtually. She attends a mayors conference in Washington, D.C. Councilwoman Jane Day was absent due to health issues.

The action will not change the composition of the commission since there are two vacancies. The five members advancing are Anthony Adams, Angel Borja, Jessie Pooni, Albert Enault and Vinny Tawari. All but Borja were appointed in 2021. Borja was appointed in 2017.

The staff report to the board indicates that there will be savings of $200 per month, from $700 to $500.

The terms of the commission are staggered so that the terms of two members – Borja and Pooni – end in 2023, and the terms of the other three will end in 2025. Any commissioner who does not attend three meetings during an exercise without being excused by the mayor is automatically withdrawn from the commission.

In other actions, the council:

• Announcement behind closed doors of the hiring of Jim Bermudez as director of development services. He served as Director of Development Services at Lincoln and, after a short period as Director of Public Works in Marysville, returned to Lincoln where he worked as Director of Development Services and Public Works.
• Approved Wilson’s appointment of Aaron Sencil to the Recreation, Parks, Marina and Arts Committee for a term ending January 2023.
• Extended the agreement with the Solano Transportation Authority to act as the Solano County Service Authority for the Abandoned Vehicle Reduction Program for the next 10-year program cycle for the City of Suisun. A $1 fee is levied on all registered vehicles to support the program.
• Approved the city’s participation in the Coordinated Homelessness Program with the Solano Joint Powers Authority Community Action Partnership (CAP Solano). The total three-year cost to the city is $56,299, of which the 2021-2022 payment of $18,215 will be paid from the Low-Income Housing Fund. The costs for the second and third years are $18,761 and $19,323, respectively, with payments coming either from the same housing fund or from the city’s general fund. The county and all cities except Dixon participate. The total cost of the program is $994,657, with the participant share based on jurisdictional populations. Councilor Mike Hudson had wanted CAP Solano officials to return in a few months to discuss their program, after which the council would decide it wanted to continue participating. His motion didn’t get a second, largely because the city receives regular updates from CAP Solano.
• Approval of a $155,320 agreement with DKS Associates for the traffic signal improvement project involving 11 traffic signals. The total design budget is $171,151, of which $154,350 will come from a grant from the Road Safety Improvement Program and $17,150 from the city’s Offsite Street Improvement Program. DKS has California offices in Oakland, Sacramento, Pasadena and Anaheim as well as offices in Portland, Oregon, Seattle and Austin, Texas.
• Approval of a $60,004 agreement with Bellecci and Associates, of Concord, to prepare plans, specifications and cost estimates for the Rapid Flashing Rectangular Beacons project for the Golden Eye crosswalk improvement Way to Shoveller Drive, opposite Suisun Elementary School; Pintail Drive at Crane Drive, across from Dan O. Root Elementary School and Goepp Park; and at Harrier Drive, north of Osprey Way, across from Dan O. Root Elementary School. Other project costs include $16,200 for design and $233,600 for construction.

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