Shoshone District No. 2 County Commissioner and Ward 9 Precinct Committee Members Lead Candidate: Jay Huber (D)

Jay L. Huber, is seeking re-election as District #2 Shoshone Commissioner. Huber, 66, is running against Dawn Wiksten in the Democratic primary.

He is also seeking re-election as a constituency committee member for Shoshone County Ward 9 and is running uncontested for that seat.

Huber served as Mayor of Pinehurst from 2000 to 2015, his final year also serving as County Commissioner to the present day. Huber graduated from Kellogg High School in the class of 1973.

Huber married Diane Gabel in 1978 and together they have three children and six great-grandchildren.

“My goal if elected is to continue to help the citizens of Shoshone County and meet their needs and desires, our door is always open and always will be for transparency to citizens,” Huber said.

Huber has owned Sunrise Dairy for 32 years, a member of the Smelterville Lions Club for 46 years, including 28 presidents, and mayor of Pinehurst for 16 years.

“I look forward to continuing to work as a team with the current commissioners to keep the county in the best financial position possible. We are all businessmen and we control the budget as if it were our own money. We are all businessmen and we control the budget as if it were our own money, being very conscientious to avoid reckless overspending,” Huber said.

“To continue to try to increase salaries for county employees as their salaries are below average. To continue to move forward with some of the issues/concerns that we were facing eight years ago when I am became commissioner for the first time.

Huber has worked to keep the Silver Express Bus free for all through grants and donations.

“We had no reserves to speak of when I took over and our team managed to carry 1 to ½ million reserves, which is in line with the auditor’s recommendations,” Huber said. “I helped work with staff to provide a merit-based program to keep employees with us. Our team has modernized the way we do business. We started with a system from the 1990s and managed to update the software and move to an electronic filing system. We have also made it easier for the public to find lines such as planning and zoning.

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