Shenandoah County Planning Commission Recommends Resort Approval | Every day

WOODSTOCK — A resort that can accommodate more than 200 guests received approval Thursday night from the Shenandoah County Planning Commission.

The planners’ recommendation now goes to the Supervisory Board for a final decision.

Planning Commission members Mark Dotson, Tommy Miller, Debbie Keller, Eunice Turndrup, Dennis Morris and Chairman Gary Lantz attended the joint Planning Commission and Supervisory Board meeting on Thursday. Commissioner Todd Steiner was absent.

Commissioners voted 6-0 in favor of the motion to recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve the Simply Shenandoah Rural Station Site Plan. The application is for a wellness and nature resort that includes buildings for guest rooms, cabins, spa treatment rooms, treehouses, meeting spaces and other indoor spaces/ exteriors. Simply Shenandoah plans to have 75 employees and the capacity to accommodate 237 guests.

The applicant, Carson Transform LLC, has already obtained a special use permit in 2019 and is now seeking approval from supervisors.

A public hearing was held for a special use permit to enable a special events center on approximately 8.5 acres of land at 1136 Hoover Road, Woodstock. The applicant seeks to operate a special events center to hold auctions, weddings, meetings and other types of events on the property.

During public comments, the majority of speakers were in favor of the special events center.

In another public hearing, commissioners allowed public comment regarding an applicant seeking a special use permit to operate two on-site Airstream recreational vehicles for short-term rental on nearly 27 acres of land located at 336 Woodstock Tower Road, Woodstock. Applicant Keith Stephens explained that these short-term rentals would only be available from March to November.

A majority of public comments were in favor of short-term rentals, but Woodstock resident Laurie Ellicott raised concerns about loud noises affecting nearby residents, environmental impact and the potential for the business to expand beyond the two rentals.

“What guarantee do we have that it’s not going to spread and we’ll end up living across the river from a trailer park,” Ellicott said.

Morris said he believed this operation would be beneficial to the county and that Stephens would be able to manage control of the operation.

“I think they’re going to handle this very professionally,” Morris said. “I think it’s a low volume impact project.”

Commissioners voted 6-0 in favor of a motion to recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve the Special Use Permit for Short-Term Rentals.

At three other public hearings held during the meeting, there were no public comments. After the three public hearings, commissioners voted 6-0 in favor of motions to recommend that the Board of Supervisors approve:

A Special Use Permit which allows a homeowner to operate a business out of their home which will be the repair of firearms and related accessories at 217 Country Brook Road, Toms Brook.

A zoning text change for a section of the county code regarding on-site sewage disposal systems. The amendment will include language to clarify the authorization process for more than two disposal sites on a lot.

Application by a petitioner to remove part of the property from the New Market Agriculture and Forestry District. The property is approximately 3.6 acres and is located at 134 Davis Lane in New Market. The plaintiff seeks to remove the 3.6 acres to subdivide the property and dissolve a family partnership.

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