Santa Barbara County Agricultural Commissioner wants seeds shipped from China | Agriculture


Residents of Santa Barbara County are among those nationwide who have received “mysterious and unsolicited seeds from China,” and the county agricultural commissioner’s office wants those seed packets.

Those who receive such unsolicited seed packet shipments, often labeled “jewelry,” should not open, plant or dispose of them, County Agriculture Commissioner Cathy Fisher said.

She asked residents to save unopened seed packets and contact one of the Agriculture Commissioner’s offices to have them picked up or to receive deposit instructions.

Anyone who has already planted the seeds is asked to contact one of the offices for further instructions.

Residents who have received seeds can call the Santa Maria office, located at 624 W. Foster Road, Suite E, at 805-934-6200; the Buellton office, located at 185 W. Highway 246, Suite 101, 805-688-5331; or the Santa Barbara office, located at 263 Camino del Remedio, 805-681-5600.

“Invasive species can devastate the environment, displace or destroy native plants and insects, severely damage crops and poison livestock,” Fisher said. “Taking measures to prevent their introduction is the most effective method of reducing both the risk of invasive species infestations and the cost of controlling and mitigating these infestations. “

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