Russell County Commissioner Ronnie Reed hosts annual Christmas party

Russell County, Alabama. (WRBL) – Commissioner Ronnie Reed got a head start to celebrate Christmas this year with his annual Christmas party.

This is the 11th year that Reed has hosted his annual Christmas party at the Russell County Courthouse. Every year, community members line up outside the courthouse while they wait for the Christmas party to begin. The queues are filled with children and their parents, volunteers hand out tickets to the queues so that their children can receive a Christmas present. Reed told News 3 he sees more and more people every year.

“Today is my annual Christmas party that I have been doing for over 11 years and trying to help needy families in the community. Over the years I may have helped over 1000 people and help them with toys, gifts, burgers, hot dogs. Each year seems to get bigger and bigger and we are blessed and want to thank God for all the things he has given us. Reed said.

The center of the courthouse is stocked with bikes for boys and girls of all ages. Reed and his volunteers also distribute toys wrapped in Christmas paper. Reed said he lost count of how many bikes he planned to donate this year.

“We can have over 100 bikes, then we can have around 175 freebies,” Reed said.

Reed said everyone at the party would be well taken care of.

“Well, when people know when they’re coming, they’ll be well taken care of. Especially the food, they know they are going to eat very well. We try to feed everyone comfortably and almost everyone comes and gets a gift, everyone gets food and we give a family a bike, so we try to do the right thing and help the community, ”Reed said.

Reed thinks everyone in the community is thankful for the Christmas party.

“The community, people like it and they started calling before I even started the thing. They started calling in November, they wanted to know what day the party was going to be, ”Reed said.

Reed likes to throw his annual party a week before Christmas.

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