Randall County Commissioners Court reinstates burning ban


The Randall County Commissioners’ Court unanimously voted to reinstate a 90-day burning ban for the county on Tuesday due to precipitation rates for the area being well below average.

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In May, the court lifted its previous burning ban due to drought conditions. This new ban follows the lead of other Texas Panhandle counties. Several counties in the region have recently issued burning bans, including Armstrong, Carson and Oldham.

“This ordinance will prohibit any outdoor burning of garbage, debris and brush in unincorporated areas of the county for 90 days from the date of enactment of this ordinance, unless the restrictions are earlier lifted. by the commissioners court on the basis of a determination that the circumstances which necessitate the order no longer exist, “according to a press release from the Randall County Fire Department.

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According to the order, no outdoor burning is allowed in the county until the ban is lifted. Homeowners can still use outdoor barbecues, but officials ask them to “be careful when doing this.” Violation of this order is a Class C misdemeanor and punishable by a fine not exceeding $ 500.

In the other cases, the court unanimously approved his redistribution plan which had been discussed previously. The plan moves parts of the county from Ward 2 to Ward 4 to bring more balance to the precinct, as the two have had the most change in population.

The court also approved the counting of the votes for the November 2 election. This motion was an approval of the official vote count. The purpose of the solicitation is to account for each ballot cast and to ensure that each valid vote cast is included in the election total. Officials said the election had a turnout of 13% of registered voters for the amendment ballot only.

Additionally, Ward 4 Commissioner Buddy Deford announced at the opening of the meeting that he would not seek re-election for the district after his current term.

“Right now, I won’t close one chapter of my life to start another,” Deford said.

The court also approved the reappointments of Amy Hord on the board of directors of the Texas Panhandle Centers, and Judi Smith and Brenda Adams on the Amarillo area public health board for a three-year term.

This article originally appeared on Amarillo Globe-News: Randall County Reinstates Burning Ban

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