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NEW ULM – The New Ulm Planning Commission has received an update on the zoning ordinance revisions.

The first two chapters of the zoning ordinance have been reviewed by the town planning commission. These chapters cover general provisions and procedures for examining applications. Chapter 13 was also considered by the Commissioners and covers rules and definitions.

The next set of zoning chapters, Chapters Three through Seven, have been reviewed by city staff and lawyers. These chapters were handed over to the Commissioners at Thursday’s meeting for consideration. Chapters three through seven cover zoning districts; residential zoning, commercial zoning, industrial zoning and special use neighborhoods.

Staff are currently working on the revision of chapters eight to ten. These chapters cover overlapping zoning districts, uses and planning standards. City planner John Knisley said Chapters Nine and Ten are extremely detailed and will require more time to review.

Staff are working to schedule working sessions in November for Commissioners to discuss updates.

The goal is to present the new zoning ordinance documents to New Ulm City County for the council meeting on December 21, 2021.

The commission approved the final dish for the 4th Oakwood Heights Subdivision. The street address is 16052 and 16032 Oakwood Heights Road. Staff recommended approval of the platform as it complies with city code requirements.

City planner John Knisley said the city has already approved the preliminary dish and nothing has changed with the final dish. No public comment has been given on this plaque.

The board of directors unanimously approved the dish with conditions. One of the conditions requires the owner to obtain a waiver from the Airport Zoning Board. The parcel will reduce the size of a lot below the three-acre minimum for a parcel near the new Ulm Airport.

A single lot division has been approved for a property at 711 North 20th Street. The property is 50 feet wide and has a total area of ​​2,807 square feet. The division would divide the lot into a parcel of 942 square feet and a land of 1,865 square feet.

The division of the lots will help establish two larger parcels of property in the block, one of which could be sold for development.

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