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Jess Bengtson Chief Editor

As the Town of Crookston considers the purchase of two parcels and its determination of land use, two residents of this area spoke to the Planning Commission at their March 8 meeting and shared their concerns about the snow removal in the middle of the night and the debris left by the snow. which blows into their yard when the area is then mowed. The parcels in question are being offered for sale by Polk County and the county has requested to know the city’s intentions to purchase them by March 28, 2022.

Owners Brian and Shea Proulx, who own three parcels between the two county parcels the city wants to buy and one parcel already owned by the city, said the two parcels for sale were used by the city for stockpiling. snow and salt erodes their side of the property and injures their trees. They also shared that the ditch is clogged and a steep drop is eroding.

Shea shared that the city often moves snow around in the middle of the night and “bangs” around the piles, causing her to get up because the noise is right outside her bedroom window. She said she went so far as to go out in her pajamas to ask them to stop bumping into each other.

Building Inspector Greg Hefta and City Administrator Amy Finch said they would like to speak to Director of Public Works Brandon Carlson about the concerns, as he was not present at the March 8 meeting.

Proulx went on to say that there are chunks of concrete and debris left over from snow removal that spill into their yard when mowing in the spring.

Planning Commission Member Shirley Iverson asked if the Land Use Determination and Purchase Review could be tabled until their next meeting to allow time for work concerns to be addressed. public and Hefta said the purchase should be submitted to the city council in time for the county. deadline.

Mayor Dale Stainbrook mentioned he was concerned about dumping snow in this area under the former director of public works, but felt Carlson would be considerate of the owners and would like to see the city moving forward with the purchase.

When asked if the owners were comfortable with the purchase in the future, they replied that if everything could be agreed they would be ok, although their concern would be that over time, things would be neglected and return to what they were.

“There needs to be rules in place about who can drop off there and the city’s expectations on those lots,” the Proulxes shared. “This is where we live; it’s frustrating when people don’t know what’s going on and it’s very frustrating when the city doesn’t know what’s going on.

“We are very considerate and sometimes kindness just doesn’t go both ways,” they added.

“Dahlgrens (SunOpta) are better neighbors than the city,” they said later in the chat.

RRV shows construction camping update

The Planning Commission has previously been asked to review and comment on plans by Red River Valley Shows, Inc. to add recreational campsites on their property for event attendees and their council has since withdrawn their request for use. of a campground, Hefta told commission members. .

The campsites would have been set up on the lot north of West Fisher Avenue and County Highway 61 next to the AmericInn hotel. The campground would have developed 15 new full-service recreational campsites with electrical, water, and sanitary sewer services and would have included the construction of an access road to service the new campsites.

The Planning Commission agreed to accept the withdrawal of the application.

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