PCT 4 Victoria County Commissioner Clint Ives seeks re-election

Ives will run for a new term in court

Clint Ives, PCT. 4 Victoria County Commissioner

VICTORIA, Texas – Republican Pct. 4 Victoria County Commissioner Clint Ives is running for a new term.

“I want to build on everything we’ve done and the progress we’ve made, and finish all the things we’re in the middle of. We have been busy with drainage issues after massive amounts of rain in compound 4 this year, and we continue to actively work with people to help them recover from Hurricane Harvey. I congratulate our team at the precinct for all of their persistence and hard work throughout the challenges of 2020 and this year, ”said Ives.

Ives attended Victoria College and published the following information in a press release:

Ives is active in his family’s ranching operations and a member of the Texas Farm Bureau. Ives completed the advanced program taught by the Texas County Judges and Commissioners Association and was one of 16 county commissioners selected statewide in 2013 to attend the prestigious VG Young Leadership Institute of Texas. A&M University. He is a board member and recent president of the Industrial Education Foundation, and has held several positions with the South Texas County Judges and Commissioners Association. Ives also works with local leaders to improve infrastructure and resolve traffic issues by serving on the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission, the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Victoria Chamber of Commerce Transport Committee. .

“Victoria County is my home, and my parents taught me to keep the faith, work hard, and keep your word. I bring these same proven values ​​to the courthouse and to the precinct as commissioner. I want to continue to use my hands-on experience of working with people and getting things done to continue to improve Ward 4 and our county, ”Ives said.

The press release went on to explain that Ives and his road crew had paved nearly 50 miles of new road, as an extension into the Brentwood subdivision that local owners had wanted for decades. Ives and his team also replaced a number of bridges and applied over 50,000 tonnes of gravel and other material to improve existing roads. Ives actively seeks outside funding to help make road repairs easy on taxpayer wallets, and has received more than $ 1,500,000 from state and federal sources for improvements. He is also working closely with residents of Ward 4 on a successful recycling program that continues to expand.

Ives, 41, is a prison ministry volunteer and Little League coach. Ives is married with three children.

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