Panola County Commissioners’ Court Agenda: December 31, 2021 | News

Panama County Commissioners Tribunal

A special Panola County Commissioners Court meeting will be held on Friday, December 31 at 9 a.m. at the Panola County Courthouse.

1. CITIZENS ‘COMMENTS: This is for citizens to comment on any subject that is not on the current agenda regarding county affairs. Members of the Court can answer direct questions, but any action relating to this item must be placed on a future agenda.

2. STATUTORY AUDITORS ‘REPORT: These are for informational purposes only. Any action to be taken on the basis of these reports will be included in a future action program.

3. COUNTY JUDGE REPORT: This is for informational purposes only. Any action to be taken on the basis of this report will be included in a future action program.

a. Approve and register the salary scale for the 2022 fiscal year.

b. To register Sheriann Espinoza’s employment as the Children’s Coordinator at Sammy Brown Library effective January 3, 2021 (upon successful completion of drug test and physical examination) at the rate of $ 14.50 Of time.

vs. To register Brittany Odom’s separation as Temporary Clerk with Panola County Justice of the Peace, Constituency Offices # 1 and # 4 effective December 31, 2021; and register Brittany Odom’s employment as a temporary clerk effective January 2, 2022 and ending June 30, 2022 at the rate of $ 15.00 per hour.

D. To register Shelby Abernathy’s resignation as Assistant Auditor in the Panola County Auditor’s Office effective December 31, 2021.

e. To register Robyn Klysen’s salary order as Panola County Deputy Auditor effective January 1, 2022.

a. To save the Oath and Oath of Office forms for Cliff Todd, Panola County Emergency Services District Board Member.


a. To approve and register a conference attendance request form for the following Panola County elected official (s) / employee (s): None.

5. Approve payment of current Panola County invoices as prepared and submitted by the County Auditor.

6. Approve payment of the current Panola County payroll as prepared and submitted by the County Treasurer.

7. Discuss, approve and register the commercial property, equipment, vehicle, and general liability insurance coverage offered by the Texas Public Entity Group Interlocal Agreement Self-Insurance League in accordance with Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code.

8. Discuss and act on the adoption of the 2022 mileage reimbursement schedule.

9. Discuss and act on the approval of the 2021 vacation earned by Loretta Mason, Election Officer, Lora Brown, Chief District Deputy Clerk; William G. Morris, Veterans Services Officer; Pam Pate, secretary of the veterans service officers; Lori Craft, County Deputy Clerk; Lindsey Baker, Assistant District Clerk; Lani West, Panola County AgriLife Extension Secretary; Janet Eaton, Administrative Assistant to the District Criminal Prosecutor’s Office; John DePresca, Jr., airport manager; Kim Turner, director of the Sammy Brown library; Karla Montes, part-time assistant clerk at the tax office; and Vicki Heinkel, Administrative Assistant to the County Judge / County Commissioners Coordinator, to be taken in 2022.

10. Discuss and act upon the approval of Purchase Order # 003335 from Avenu Government Record Services, LLC for Microfilm Salvage – First Roll and Additional Rolls for Panola County Clerk‘s Office.

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