Pampa Fire Department personnel recognized in Gray County Commissioners Court

By John Lee | [email protected] | Twitter: @jcl1987

Pampa Fire Department Capt. Johnny Price and equipment operator Derek Murray were recognized in Gray County Commissioners Court Monday morning.

County Judge Chris Porter read a proclamation telling the story of the two firefighters rescuing a maintenance driver who had left his vehicle on foot to escape a fire. Pampa Fire Chief Kasey Presson also awarded the two firefighters medals for their efforts.

“Until you’ve been on a wildfire or been there, you don’t realize how quickly things happen,” Porter said. “We have a great group in Gray County and it’s spread across all of our departments. They work together and work well. It’s almost as if they form a solid unit when they show up.

“We have our little feuds, but we all achieve the same goal and work through those. It’s not just our firefighters; it’s our county guys on the maintainers who fight the fires, bring the water, and ensure the supply. It’s our community that supports us as things move forward after this happens…it’s nice to be able to recognize people for what they do while they’re just doing their jobs, especially when they’re heroes while they do their job.

The full proclamation is as follows:

“WHEREAS Gray County is always grateful for the contributions of those who make a difference and protect the lives of our residents; and

“WHEREAS two of our own heroes are Capt. Johnny Price, who has been with the City of Pampas Fire Department since 2016, and Equipment Operator Derek Murray, who has been with the City of Pampas Fire Department. city ​​of Pampa since 2018; and

“WHEREAS, on March 29, 2022, Pampa Firefighter’s Price and Murray were dispatched, on Pampa Fire Department Booster 4, to a call of a wildfire at the intersection of Highway 70 and County Road I Booster 4 was assigned to protect a road maintainer who was cutting a free line on the north flank of the light. fire conditions Firefighter Murray, under threat of being caught in the flame front, drove through the fire while Firefighter Price performed a full fog stream from the front perch of Booster 4 and drove into the black and scorched area. After entering the dark, firefighters realized that the maintainer had stalled and was engulfed in active fire. Firefighters moved Booster 4 towards the maintainer and then attempted to extinguish the flames of the black to protect the driver. During this maneuver, it appeared that e maintenance driver had left road maintenance and was trying to flee the flame front on foot. Firefighters Price and Murray, unsure if the maintenance operator would reach safety, fought back the flames for the protection and rescue of the maintenance operator, disregarding their own safety.; and

“WHEREAS Firefighters Price and Murray on Booster 4 were able to rescue the maintenance driver and deliver him to EMS where he was assessed and returned to service, while Firefighter Price suffered burns to his left elbow and wrist ; and

“WHEREAS, many firefighters in our community perform dangerous duties, this heroic action is recorded for posterity, due to the heroic actions and quick and critical decision-making skills of firefighters Price and Murray, regardless of their own safety to save the life of another; and

“WHEREAS Gray County is a better place having heroes like Captain Price, Equipment Operator Murray and the men and women of all Gray County Fire Departments.

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, CHRIS PORTER, County Judge of Gray County, Texas, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby acknowledge the heroic work of all our dedicated firefighters, but in particular CAPTAIN JOHNNY PRICE AND EQUIPMENT OPERATOR DEREK MURRAY ON THIS MOST HEROIC EVENT IN WITNESS.

“WHEREOF, I have affixed my hand and had the seal affixed to GRAY COUNTY TEXAS this May 2, 2022.”

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