Oley running for county commissioner

Jerry Oley has announced his candidacy for Monroe County Commissioner for the 6th District.

As one of the longest-serving commissioners to ever hold office, Oley cites his nearly 20 years of public service as a mission to the community. He now wants to return to the Monroe County Board of Commissioners.

“Being willing to give of yourself, to participate in government and to help others is rewarding,” he said. “Monroe County is a great community to raise your family and work to make a difference.”

Oley, a Democrat, served 10 terms and 20 years as commissioner. In 2020, he opted out of running for re-election to the board and instead ran for the Democratic nomination for county clerk. But he was beaten in the August primary by Sandra L. Blank.

Oley said his tenure was marked by his ability to coordinate strong bipartisan support around issues that promote, protect and develop all corners of Monroe County.

“I will continue to emphasize the value of commissioners who invest in economic improvements that start with well-paying jobs,” he said. “Professionalism and respect for everyone, even when they are not popular, has always been the catalyst for my leadership style. I take great pride in representing people by being willing to listen to their concerns and find solutions. amicable solutions.

Oley said he has a strong leadership track record in holding county government accountable to Monroe County taxpayers.

“You can never be afraid to speak your mind and stand up for your community, even when it’s not popular,” he said. “Our citizens deserve the best from our elected officials and our employees, and it starts with the Council of Commissioners, which demonstrates this through responsible leadership. »

Oley’s previous roles on the Monroe County Board of Commissioners include several terms as chairman, vice-chairman and leading several standing committees. He said his most notable accomplishments include strengthening public safety programs and services.

As a board member, Oley said he helped develop a deputy sheriff staffing plan that ensured additional law enforcement for the county beyond the seven officers he previously supported. He said he was spearheading additional funding for drug enforcement efforts in the county’s multi-agency narcotics unit. And, as part of what he calls his overall public safety priority, he has supported other 911 dispatchers to ensure the timely dispatch of emergency calls.

If elected, Oley said he would continue to strengthen public safety to keep citizens safe; continue the fight against drug addiction and drug addiction; advancing economic development to help create well-paying jobs and ensure children are protected and have bright futures in Monroe County.

Oley is a permanent resident of Monroe County, graduated from Monroe High School and earned his associate degree from Monroe County Community College. He also attended Siena Heights University. He and his wife, Stacy, have two children.

Oley is the executive director of operations for Monroe Public Schools, the largest school district in Monroe County.

The 6th District includes parts of the city of Monroe, south of the Raisin River, and parts of Monroe Township. Previously, he served on the Monroe Public Schools Board of Education for seven years, where he was elected to multiple terms as Board Chair.

Oley said he was optimistic about the future of Monroe County and wanted to be part of it.

“I look forward to ongoing discussions with residents about their priorities and concerns,” he said. “On their behalf, I will continue my efforts to strengthen the quality of life for all our residents and families.

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