No indication that city and state-run systems were compromised after cybersecurity attack – Canon City Daily Record

An incident response team continues to work to contain the threat, measure the impact and create a remediation plan to get county systems back online safely after a cybersecurity attack earlier this week.

Officials were alerted to the cybersecurity event affecting county government systems early Wednesday morning. In a news release Friday, Fremont County Commissioner’s Chairwoman Debbie Bell said there was no indication that city and state-run systems were compromised.

An Incident Response Team led jointly by Fremont County Emergency Management and the Governor’s Office of Information Technology was mobilized with support from the Division of Homeland Security and Disaster Management. Colorado Emergencies, Colorado State Emergency Operations Center and federal partners.

“We are working to restore county services that were impacted by the cybersecurity event as quickly and safely as possible,” Bell said. “We understand that it can be very difficult to wait, but please know that we are waiting by your side. We are also seeking answers even as we work around the clock to restore all government services in the county. We have every confidence in the team we have put together and will look for a solution as soon as possible.

Bell said that as cyberattacks are a criminal offence, an active investigation is ongoing and details regarding the nature and cause of the event cannot be released at this time.

“When it comes to fighting cybercrime, we are stronger together,” Ray Yepes, the state’s chief information security officer, said in the press release. “The state has deployed resources to help lead response and recovery efforts following the Fremont County cybersecurity incident, and we will continue to provide support in conjunction with our partners in the county, the state and federal government until all services are restored.”

Fremont County’s top priority is ensuring residents are safe and can access the county government services they rely on. Bell said that for this reason, county government officials are prioritizing immediate services to come online.

As the cybersecurity event prevents county employees from accessing work email, phone service is unaffected, secure computers are being provided, and alternate email addresses are being identified to ensure business continuity .

Additionally, the county is committed to making county services available as quickly and safely as possible and a law enforcement investigation continues as officials examine the extent of the damage.

County residents are encouraged to visit for incident updates and real-time information on the availability of county government services.

The Fremont County Call Center is available at 719-276-7421.

“We appreciate your patience as we go through this very difficult time,” Bell said.

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