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At the city council meeting in May, supervisors received a letter of resignation from planning commission member Marianna Schultz.

Schultz read his resignation letter during public comments. The letter was in response to recommendations made at the April meeting of the Planning Commission. Schultz was not present at the meeting and expressed concerns about the recommendations that were made at that time.

“Dear Members of City Council, I am writing a letter to address my concern as a member of the Planning Commission and as an individual who is very passionate about community service and the meaning of it,” said she declared. “It has come to my attention while reviewing the minutes of the Planning Commission meeting that a motion was made at the April 26, 2022 meeting to recommend that the City Council ask me to resign. .”

“I was not informed by either the president or any other member,” she said.

At the planning commission meeting in April, then-chairman Bernie Desmarais recommended that city council add language to the requirements of the planning commission.

The recommendation states: “If a member is absent from a meeting, he must notify the chair or the clerk before noon on the day of the meeting. If a member misses three meetings without excuse, he will be removed from the Planning Commission. Additionally, Desmarais made a motion/recommendation to City Council asking Marianna Schultz to resign from the Planning Commission. “The recommendation was based on the lack of communication and documented information that Schultz continued to bring up the trap rock mine, which was not brought before the planning commission or city council.”

Schultz’s letter read, “I find it troubling that the reason for this forced resignation is the subject of the Trap Rock mine. The topic came up long after the application was handed over to the county. I don’t understand why there wouldn’t have been a conversation between members of the Planning Commission at a public meeting to discuss how the members of the Planning Commission could be briefed on the matter and know all the sides,” Schultz said.

According to the minutes of the Planning Commission meeting in April, “Even after the president asked him not to broach the subject until it was on the agenda, Schultz continued to approach the mine,” Desmarais explained.

Towards the end of the city council meeting in May, Desmarais took a moment to respond to Schultz’s comments.

“The recommendation of the three-strike rule is something that was promoted at the Planning Commission meeting in April. The second discussion was about a board member taking a strong stance on a topic that continues to burden the community,” he said.

“We have a general rule, a general understanding that if you’re on a committee, an elected official, you put your personal business aside, try to maintain a certain level of professionalism and objectivity when it comes to to serve the community,” he said.

Acknowledging the recommendation of the Planning Commission’s Board of Directors, Schultz confirmed his resignation to City Council on May 2, 2022.

Currently, there are currently two vacancies on the Osceola City Planning Commission.

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