Locals appointed to Emergency Planning Commission

Several people have been appointed to the local emergency planning commission, according to information from a recent meeting of Fayette County commissioners.

The term for nominations is two years and begins August 1. The following people have been nominated:

– Elected: Commissioner Dan Dean and Mayor of Jeffersonville Bob Kinzer

– Vernon Stanforth, Fayette County Sheriff

– Washington Police Chief Jeff Funari

– Tim Downing, Washington Fire Chief

– Ronald Huff, BPM Joint Fire District Chief

– Director of Emergency Management, Melissa Havens

– Deputy Health Commissioner Leigh Cannon

– Megan Batson, Fayette County Health Department Emergency Response Service

– Adena Fayette Medical Center Director of Safety Tom Royster

– List of Fayette County Life Squad EMS Leader Rods

–Jefferson Township. Dana Kellenbarger, Chief of EMS

– Steve Luebbe, Fayette County Engineer,

– ODOT, Fayette County Executive, Ronnie Ward

– Red Collar, EHS Manager Brian Crooks

– Walmart DC, Director of AP Operations Jason Manzo

– Ryan Carter, editor of the Record-Herald newspaper

– ARC, Disaster Program Specialist Mary McCord

– Joy Stanforth, Fayette County Director of Transportation

– Fayette County Soil and Water Manager Chester Murphy

– Jim Scott, RACES

Among its responsibilities, the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) oversees the hazardous materials program in Fayette County.

The Fayette County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) contracts with the Fayette County Emergency Management Agency to perform the duties of emergency plans and reviews, plan exercise and assessment, training and education, compliance, facility risk analysis and other duties and responsibilities as needed.

This contract costs $12,000 from the LEPC budget with the approval of the local Emergency Planning Executive Committee and Fayette County Commissioners. The money will be placed in the operating budget of the Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

In other news from the Fayette County Commissioners Office, a petition has been submitted to annex 0.888 acres of Union Township land owned by 4G Enterprises, LLC – Byron Gustininto to the Washington City Courthouse.

Also in breaking news, a resolution was signed to participate with funds in the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission (OVRDC). According to the minutes of the meeting, the commissioners actively support and currently participate in the activities of the economic development district of the OVRDC.

The OVRDC is a public regional planning commission within the State of Ohio whose purpose is to positively influence the future economic, physical, and social development of the 12-county region through its regional planning programs. regional development and technical assistance. It promotes a cooperative planning process involving local governments, public and private bodies and individual citizens, with a view to improving their region through a democratic process.

The commissioners authorized an appropriation of funds — $5,790 — as participating local funds to be used as part of the agency’s budget for the fiscal year beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

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