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PCT 4 County Commissioner Jay Ebarb this week announced his intention to be re-elected for his third term as nominations for the 2022 primaries approach.

“I am happy to announce that I am running for re-election in the 2022 Republican primary for the post of PCT County Commissioner. 4, ”Ebarb said in a statement.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve since taking office on January 1, 2015, and I would appreciate the honor to continue serving the citizens of District 4 and Harrison County,” he said. .

Among the accomplishments he says he was proud to be a part of during his tenure, he was able to grant increases to county employees in each of the last four budget cycles without having to raise the tax rate or dip into county reserve funds.

“We strive to align our employee pay with jobs in our area, so hopefully our employees will stay in the county for years to come,” Ebarb said.

Other successes he was happy to see during his tenure included upgrading the county’s facilities.

“We try to improve our facilities with a regular maintenance program,” said Ebarb. “One of our most important has been the upgrade of our facilities and dispatch equipment. We continue to work on improving our 911 system to provide better communication between county departments, including 911 calls, assistant communication and volunteer fire departments. “

Ebarb is also pleased with the rental programs the county has put in place to help maintain the county’s road and bridge equipment and fleet.

“We have implemented several programs and have opted for a dump truck rental program for roads and bridges and have also entered into a county-wide rental program for county vehicles,” said Ebarb.

He is also proud of the economic development efforts in which the county has played a role. The Commissioners Tribunal, for example, recently approved a seven-year tax break in support of Prysmian Group’s expansion plans, which include the creation of 75 additional jobs.

Ebarb wants to continue this economic development success throughout the county.

“We must continue to work with the county industry to make improvements and additions in order to maintain and create more jobs in our county,” he said.

If re-elected, the commissioner would also like to continue working on improving the county’s road network.

“One of the biggest (targets) should be the passage of the Special Assistance District in November to get to work on our county roads and regain control of repairs and maintenance,” he said. declared. “This will allow us to hire and outsource a lot of outside work so that our roads and bridges department can continue to meet our day-to-day needs.

“I also hope that we can embark on a program that will mow all rights-of-way in the county during the year,” he added. “It’s a big company; we have 748 miles of road, so we have 1,496 miles of right-of-way that needs to be maintained and mowed.

Ebarb said he would also like a program to be put in place to help with waste control, especially on rights-of-way.

“We have to control waste,” he said. “People should be responsible for their actions. “

“These are just a few of the things we need to keep working on and stay within our budgets,” he said of the progress he would like to see the county continue to make.

Ebarb represents the court in a variety of capacities, serving on the Harrison County Museum board as an officer and on the board of directors of the Harrison County Industrial Development Authority (HCIDA), which operates a courthouse endowment fund for help the county permanently preserve the restored 1901 historic monument. Courthouse, affectionately known as the “jewel in the crown” of downtown.

Ebarb has said he appreciates the residents of Precinct 4 for allowing him to represent them over the past two terms.

“I ask the citizens of District 4 to allow me to continue working for you and for everyone in Harrison County,” said the commissioner. “I think that as a member of the Court of Commissioners we have made great strides in moving our county forward in a positive direction and I wish to be part of the continued efforts to keep us in a positive direction.”

Ebarb is a former educator, trainer, postman and businessman. He and his wife, Judith, live in the community of Smyrna.

Ebarb has been an active member of the community, having served as chairman of the Harleton Dixie Youth Baseball program and also a member of the Harleton ISD school board. In addition, he served on the board of directors of Marshall CASA.

Mandates for re-election

In addition to the PCT office. 4 County Commissioner, other positions up for grabs at the county level for the 2022 primaries include: District Attorney, County Clerk, County Judge, County Court Judge, District Clerk, County Treasurer, PCT . 2 county commissioner, Pct. 1 justice of the peace, Pct. 2 justice of the peace and PCT. 3 justice of the peace.

Applicants are expected to apply by December 13. The deposit period opens on November 13.

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