Fannin County Commissioners Court: Wrecking and salvage sites are prohibited in the 5,000 foot buffer zone around Lake Bois d’Arc

Fannin County, Texas — Fannin County, Texas — The five members of the Fannin County Court of Commissioners were in attendance for a regular meeting held on Tuesday, January 11, 2022. The meeting opened with an invocation from Pastor Eddie Prince of Living Word Church of God in Bonham; the pledges were led by Fannin County Judge Randy Moore.


A brief update regarding the ongoing restoration of the 1888 Fannin County Courthouse included:


· Underground rough installation for outdoor lighting and sockets.

· Install the stone on the south stairs of the ADA.

· Complete descents for building.

· Clean cast stone fireplaces and balconies.

· Begin shaping the remaining sidewalks and mow the strip.

· Install the steel bases for the ADA ramp to the south.


  • Carpentry?? install wainscoting, trim, interior windows and door extensions.

· Install metal ceilings.

· Final painting on 3rd level.

· Full lighting and ceilings in the courtroom.

· Paint a historical stencil in the courtroom.

· Preparation for the installation of acoustic plaster in the courtrooms.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to accept the Covid-19 Response and Business Continuity Plan for Fannin County.

Commissioners discussed the actions supervisors must take when an employee tests positive.

Employees should immediately contact their supervisor after testing positive and then stay in contact with their supervisor.

COVID testing is available at TMC Bonham Hospital (by doctor’s prescription), Urgent Care in Bonham, Puckett Family Clinic in Honey Grove and Family Care Clinic in Bonham.

Vaccines are available at local pharmacies.


Mark DeMay, Director of Indigent Health Care for Fannin County, provided a report regarding affluent health care for December 2021.

“Right now, we’re in pretty good shape with the budget,” DeMay said.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court adopted item no. 8 in order to delay a public hearing originally scheduled for February 8 regarding a rezoning request; Property ID # 83091, from A&R, Agriculture to RE, Rural Estate Single Family District.

The public hearing is now tentatively set for Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 8:50 a.m. to hear comments.


Fannin County Commissioners Court Approved Alterations and/or Amendments to Lake Zoning Bylaw ?? Protocol and application letters.

“The letters are quite simple,” Judge Moore said. “We want to help people get compliant – that’s the goal.”


Fannin County Commissioners Court Approved Amendments to the lakes zoning regulations ?? Masonic language — comply with the international code.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court has approved changes and/or amendments to the lake’s zoning bylaw regarding demolition and salvage sites.

Demolition and salvage sites are prohibited in the 5,000-foot buffer zone around Lac Bois d’Arc.


The Fannin County Court of Commissioners approved the monthly auditors’ reports for December 2021.

Fannin County Auditor Alicia Whipple reported the county ended December $52,053.04 in the black.


The court of commissioners discussed the time capsule for the restoration of the courthouse.

“We need to think about what should go in the time capsule,” Judge Moore suggested, asking the opinion of the Fannin County Historical Commission.

The 12″ by 18″ stainless steel time capsule would cost $600.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to purchase nitrile gloves for the Fannin County Volunteer Fire Department using CARES funds for an amount not to exceed $400.

Another item on the agenda next week should ensure that the sheriff’s department will also receive nitrile gloves.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to hire Auctioneer Express to auction vehicles and equipment from all precincts and emergency management.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court passed an agenda item regarding the relocation of offices to the restored courthouse.

The new furniture has arrived and professionals are going to put it in place.

A minimal amount of additional furniture – possibly eight desks – will also need to be moved into the courthouse. Money has been budgeted for this purpose, but the commissioners have discussed the possibility of county employees helping in order to save money.

Moving furniture should be a two-day process.


The Precinct 3 Office of the Justice of the Peace said it received $2,462 for December 2021.


The commissioners approved payment of the invoices.


Active cases of COVID-19 have increased from 151 last week to 257 active cases this week. Pandemic-related deaths have risen from 154 to 155.

Judge Moore commended TMC Bonham Hospital for its outstanding COVID-19 protocol.

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