Fannin County Commissioners Court Discusses Justice Center Project

Fannin County, Texas — The five members of the Fannin County Court of Commissioners were present for a regular meeting held on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. The meeting opened with an invocation from Kevin Lane, pastor of the church Bois d’Arc Creek Cowboy, and Promises were led by Major James Manis (retired).


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the minutes, with amendments, of the meetings held on 07/26/2022 (D) – CR 2215, 07/26/2022 (D) – CR 3820, 07/12/ 2022 (S), 05/07/2022 (R), 28/06/2022 (R) and 24/06/2022 (S).


The Fannin County Clerk‘s Office reported an amount collected for June 2022: All Courts – $14,982.16; land records – $45,336.75.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court has approved a one-time severance of 1.642 acres from a 4.0135-acre parcel on CR 4526 in Whitewright.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the adoption of Hemby Way, Duvall Street, St. Largo Street and Fisher Street within the Lake Trail Estates on FM 273 in Bonham; about 15,300 feet.

pct. 4 Commissioner Dean Lackey inspected the route and approved it.

“Looks like it’s going to last a long time,” Commissioner Lackey said.

“How would the county benefit from adopting the road?” chimed in Newt Cunningham, the Republican candidate for Fannin County judge.

“If they build them to our specifications, we maintain them,” Lackey replied, adding that he believes the deal benefits residents on the roads.

“It increases our expenses – what do we get in return?” Cunningham reiterated.

pct. 2 Commissioner AJ Self noted that the county manual currently states that if a developer builds a road to county specifications, the county will accept responsibility for maintaining the road after it passes inspection.

“I do not accept any road in any subdivision,” said Pct. 3 Commissioner Jerry Magness.

“I feel the same,” echoed Pct. 1 Commissioner Edwina Lane, adding that the county doesn’t have the money to properly maintain all the roads in the county now.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court has approved a resolution that Fannin County agrees to participate in TxDOT’s Bridge Replacement Program for three bridges: CR 4020 at Caney Creek, CR 2905 at Sloans Creek, and CR 1202 at the tributary of Brushy Creek.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court filed an agenda item calling for the rerouting of a section of CR 1605 in Precinct 1.

The county road was rerouted 5-7 years ago, but the change never came to commissioners court. The landowner has agreed to grant a prescriptive easement to the county.

Jason Walker submitted a comment pointing out that no petitions on this subject had been posted at the courthouse or around this section of the road for at least 20 days, as required.

Mr. Walker also mentioned that he felt it set a bad precedent to have a route blocked and rerouted without acquiring a new investigation and following protocol.

Mr Cunningham suggested the commissioners tribunal should ‘go through the application process and clean it all up’.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to approve a landscaping bid from 6k United Lawn Care And Tree Services, a local landscape contractor based in Trenton, who submitted the lowest bid.

Either party can terminate the contract with 30 days’ notice.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to move $9,642.03 from 100-370-1310 (Loss of Auto Insurance in Sheriff’s Office) to 100-560-4540 (R&M Auto).


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved payment of the bills.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to approve an agreement between Fannin County and Bonham Family Drug for the Fannin County Jail.

In addition to this money-saving deal for the county, the local pharmacy has a history of exceptional reliability and offers daily delivery of prescriptions.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court filed an agenda item that called for the approval of a percentage fee to Eikon Consulting Group for Architectural Services at the future Fannin County Justice Center.

Old Brookshire building in North Bonham

Brad Isbell, a spokesman for Eikon Consulting Group, said both buildings (former Brookshire and WalMart sites) appear to be structurally sound and in good condition. He suggested initially renovating the old strip mall retail building and making it operational before starting work on the old Brookshire building.

Commissioners Self and Lackey questioned spending $5.5 million to renovate the 12,000 square feet. building that previously housed a strip mall, instead of demolishing the existing building and constructing a new row of modern county offices on the property.

Strip mall (left) with the old Brookshire building in the background.

Self suggested holding a workshop with Eikon at the site of the future justice center to discuss the issues before possibly entering into a contract, and the county judge agreed.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to schedule a public hearing for August 30, 2022 at 8:50 a.m. to hear comments regarding the placement of a no parking sign on Amy Way in Precinct 4.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court passed on a bid for a used dump truck for Precinct 4; offer #2022-702.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to enter executive session at 10:04 a.m. to deliberate the purchase, trade, lease or value of real estate when deliberation at a public meeting would have a detrimental effect on the county’s interest with a third party – relating to county ownership and funding.

The Tribunal of Commissioners also held an executive session due to commercial and financial matters related to the contract(s) being negotiated when a public meeting would have a detrimental effect on the position of the Tribunal of Commissioners in the negotiations. with a third person.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court reconvened for regular session at 12:03 p.m. to discuss the action regarding the real estate deliberation.

Deliberations focused on county properties property one block east of Bonham Square which was once the site of the old county jail and former probation service.

“We talk about what we’re doing with this property,” Judge Moore explained.

Commissioner Self proposed that the county enter into negotiations with the town of Bonham regarding the property.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Court of Commissioners approved a variation order for $57,091 relating to electricity contracts at the courthouse; the company originally asked for around $100,000.

The money is already set aside for emergencies as part of the courthouse restoration program.

Judge Moore brought a motion to give county employees a Increase of 5%, not including salary increases for employees of the police station and employees of the sheriff’s department.

The motion passed unanimously.


Moore presented the commissioners with copies of the proposed 2022/2023 budget for Fannin County. Workshops are scheduled for August 11 at 9:00 a.m. and August 17 at 9:00 a.m., with additional workshops tentatively scheduled for August 31 and September 7, if needed.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to schedule a public hearing for August 23, 2022 at 8:45 a.m. to hear comments regarding Fannin County’s proposed budget for 2022/2023.

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