Fannin County Commissioners Court continues to set speed limits on county roads

Fannin County, Texas – All four commissioners attended a regular meeting of the Fannin County Commissioners Tribunal held on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. Fannin County Pct. 3 Commissioner Jerry Magness, the Senior Commissioner, presided in the absence of Fannin County Judge Randy Moore.

The meeting opened with an invocation from Jordan Willis, youth minister at Northside Church of Christ in Bonham, and the pledges were led by Major James Manis (retired).


A brief update on the ongoing restoration of the Fannin County Courthouse from 1888 included:


  • Install sidewalks and curb sections

  • Install the remaining storm sewer inlets and site water.

  • Clean the perimeter planters and place mulch.

  • Prepare landscaped beds in the corners.

  • Install conduits for the exterior camera system and lighting.

  • Caulk the remaining windows.


  • On-going carpentry work includes wainscoting, door frame extensions and window trims.

  • Welding detail pieces on cast iron stairs.

  • Final painting of walls and steel in the access stairwell.

  • Paint a historic stencil pattern on the walls of the courtroom.

  • Install metal ceiling panels.

  • Data and telephone wiring termination.

Commissioner Magness recalled a visit to the courthouse he made last week.

“It looks really good,” Magness said. “The courthouse is going to be beautiful. These guys are doing a superb job.”


Bonham Fire Chief Scott Ridling presented the EMS monthly report for November 2021.

Chief Ridling said $ 57,000 in COVID funds the ministry received to replace revenue lost at the start of the pandemic.

As ambulance prices rise 15% at the start of the new year, the ministry has placed an order for an ambulance to be delivered next fall. It costs around $ 250,000 to buy an ambulance and $ 150,000 to store it properly.


Cody Maxwell, Fannin County AgriLife Extension Officer – Agriculture and Natural Resources provided the Commissioners with the annual agricultural report.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to award the bank deposit request to Legend Bank.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the minutes of a regular meeting on November 30, 2021 and the minutes of a special meeting on December 14, 2021.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the 30 mph speed limit on County Road 1255 in Savoy, Texas.

“I think this is a precedent that we will see more of,” predicted Commissioner Magness.


The Fannin County Commissioners’ Court approved a single separation of 1.43 acres of 86,295 acres of land on FM 68 in Wolfe City with waivers of water and OSSF regulations; mother region to remain Agriculture only.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court passed an agenda item calling for the selection of members of the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) in accordance with Senate Bill 476.

Sandy Barber, executive director of the Fannin County Children’s Center, spoke to the commissioners about the new law that requires every county to have a SART team.

Ms Barber noted that the county currently has a SART team made up of Fannin County Criminal District Attorney Richard Glaser, representing local law enforcement agencies, the Fannin County Family Crisis Center and from the Fannin County Children’s Center.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved a resolution and order to acquire surplus Newton County jail furniture, fixtures and equipment, as recommended and approved by the Fannin County Public Facilities Corporation, which reimburse the county for the purchase.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the TAPS in-kind letter for 2022.


The Fannin County Commissioners ‘Court voted to increase the limit on the Commissioners’ Purchase Order from $ 1,500 to $ 3,250.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved the purchase of a 2015 Chevrolet one-ton platform and trade in a duplicate 2005 Dodge for a difference of $ 24,157 for the 3 enclosure.


The Fannin County Commissioners’ Court voted in favor of creating a budget item with a $ 5,000 contingency to purchase items needed from the Facilities Coordinator to begin bringing county-owned buildings into compliance; exit lighting, exit lighting, conversion to LED lighting, etc.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court voted to approve the purchase of a Ward 2 boom mower for $ 150,300 to be made in annual payments for the next 60 months.


The Fannin County Commissioners Court approved payment of the bills.


Active COVID-19 cases in Fannin County have fallen from 53 last week to 71 this week, but no new COVID-19-related deaths have been reported.


Commissioner Magness has asked for prayers for Fannin County Judge Randy Moore and his wife Tina.

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