Ellis County Commissioners Court makes precinct adjustments

Several small revisions to the Ellis County commissioner and justice of the peace constituency maps, as well as a reconfiguration of local constituencies, were approved on Tuesday afternoon as the commissioners went through their shorter regular court meeting from 2021.

County Election Administrator Jana Onyon said by law polling stations cannot be divided between political districts at the county, state, US Congress or Council of the State level. state education. Therefore, with the changes made to the map by the US Census, the polling stations also need to be redesigned.

Onyon proposed an increase in the number of constituencies from 49 to 59. Most of the adjustments relate to land without any registered voters involved.

Onyon said a polling station must have between 100 and 5,000 registered voters, and the county map that was approved in early November needed some tweaking to accommodate those requirements.

County Judge Todd Little said most of the new lines are administrative in nature and are meant to reach as few voters as possible.

Ellis County now exceeds 175,000, resulting in state election laws affecting the county coming into force regarding the distances between voter residences and polling places, but the county is already in compliance, Onyon told the court. The county uses voting centers, which can be accessed by any resident of the county, regardless of the constituency.

Onyon said the changes will be available on the county’s website over the next three weeks. At the start of the new year, voters will receive new registration cards.

All the members of the tribunal were present.

Other elements

• The Consent agenda consisted of approving the minutes from previous meetings, accepting the reports, and an invoice of $ 25,000 from CASA to be paid from the Community Support Fund.

• Many purchases of road surfacing materials were approved on the recommendation of EJ Harbin County purchasing agent. The materials include washed gravel, crushed limestone, emulsified asphalts, asphalt concrete pavement materials and a cold asphalt mix.

• An offer was awarded to Alvarado Sand and Gravel, LLC (primary) and Strength Trucking, LLC (secondary) for the transportation of road materials. Harbin said the price was $ 6.85 per mile, an increase of 99 cents from the previous year.

• Following a public hearing, the Commissioners agreed to relinquish a 10.32 mile right-of-way along Old Fort Worth Road at the request of Soap Creek Ranch. Deputy county attorney Rebecca Lundberg said the right-of-way had not been used for the past 10 years and part of the right-of-way within the city limits of Grand Prairie had already been abandoned .

• The court approved the cancellation of a provider services agreement with US Script for drug benefit management services. County director of indigent care Jerri Klein said 90 days notice was needed to terminate the deal. Klein said the county would pursue cheaper options.

• Ward 3 commissioner Paul Perry has raised some issues with the McKinstry company which was hired by the county earlier this year to audit utility uses and implement cost-saving measures. energy. Perry said McKinstry’s contractors often showed up without notice and shut down operations at the precinct. Perry said there needs to be better coordination between the company and the county. Judge Little said the county contacted McKinstry this week asking them to give advance notice of site visits to elected officials or department heads.

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