Ed Williams appointed Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner

(Ventura, Calif.) By a unanimous vote on July 17, the supervisory board endorsed the recommendation of County General Manager Mike Powers and appointed Edmund (Ed) Williams for a four-year term as county agricultural commissioner from Ventura. The appointment follows a nationwide recruitment that produced nearly 40 qualified candidates.

“Agriculture is a vital part of the economic vitality of our county and having the right person in the job is crucial to maintaining the strength of the industry,” said Mike Powers, County General Manager. “Ed will build strong relationships with our local farming community and balance the necessary application with supporting the needs of the industry. “

Ventura County Farm Income
Ventura County Farm Income by Type for 2016 and 2015

Ventura County’s agricultural economy generates more than $ 2 billion in revenue according to figures provided by the Farm Bureau of Ventura County. The number one crop is strawberries with nearly $ 655 million in revenue according to 2016 figures. Second, lemons with $ 265 million in revenue.

By comparison, Los Angeles County’s total agriculture industry is valued at nearly $ 200 million. However, Los Angeles County emphasizes pest management and eradication.

According to the position announcement released by Ventura County during the search for the new candidate, “The Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner‘s Office is the leader in the promotion and protection of agriculture in Ventura County. Working with stakeholders in Ventura County, the Agriculture Commissioner is responsible for putting in place the structures necessary for long-term success, identifying challenges as they arise and quickly develop appropriate actions to achieve a positive result. Service excellence and continuous improvement are an integral part of the structure and operations of the Department. The main objective is to “Determine the policies and establish the organization and procedures for the administration and enforcement of the attributed provisions of the Agricultural Code and related local laws and regulations. “

According to the announcement provided, “the office is responsible for enforcing the law on the use of pesticides; detection, exclusion, eradication and management of pests; standardization of fruits, vegetables, eggs and nuts; inspection of nurseries and seeds; and crop statistics. The office is currently focusing on the problems of local farm workers, increasing monitoring of pesticide use, especially near schools and developments, and saving Ventura County from three new pests threatening both the industry. agricultural and natural vegetation.

The list of positions included a salary range of $ 119,243 to $ 165,644. Williams received the maximum in his acceptance of the post.

Williams most recently worked for the Los Angeles County Agricultural Weights and Measures Department, where he coordinated the work of 72 staff. His duties there included preparing and managing an $ 8.3 million budget, personnel, inspection and regulatory programs, administration of two laboratories, and 11 regulatory programs.

Ventura County Farming Over 5 Years
Ventura County 5-Year Agriculture Analysis from 2012 to 2016

He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in botany from California State University, Stanislaus (located south of Modesto and east of San Jose, California) and holds professional licenses for County Agricultural Commissioner and County Sealer of Weights and Measures since November. 2013.

Williams, 57, is a resident of La Habra and will relocate to Ventura County. His office is located in Camarillo with an additional location in Santa Paula.

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