Ector County Library Advisory Board provides library update at Commissioners Court meeting


If approved, Ector County could hire an outside company to help make decisions about the library.

ODESSA, Texas – Improvement The Ector County Library is in desperate need of repair, and its improvement has been a long process.

The Ector County Commissioners Court has been trying to come up with a game plan for months.

It was a topic of conversation that continued at Tuesday’s Commissioner’s Tribunal meeting.

Randy Ham, chairman of the Ector County Library advisory board, said part of their planning includes getting input from the public.

He says the process of reviewing upgrades and developments on what’s happening to the library is more than what the advisory group can handle.

Therefore, they are looking for help from the county in hiring a consulting company to offer feedback on improvements to the library.

“We landed on The Ivy Group because they talk about a more holistic approach that goes beyond bricks and mortar or repair or rebuild,” Ham said. “It’s really about your people, your location services and what we offer that is or may be obsolete.”

This counseling service could cost the county around $ 60,000 to $ 70,000 if approved by the commissioner tribunal.

“This consultation budget includes on-site workshops with library staff, it provides for public forums, a telephone survey and even one-on-one interviews with commissioners,” Ham said.

Ham believes this is essential for upgrading the library, as the trustees make the day-to-day decisions of the library, especially financial decisions.

Another decision commissioners must make is to consider making the Ector County Library Advisory Board permanent.

“If we do this project and have a fantastic new library, I don’t want to be back here in 30 years talking about plumbing repair again,” Ham said. “While we have a permanent library advisory board, the trustees are regularly briefed on the needs of the library. “

Ham told NewsWest 9 that making improvements to the library will be a long process. For now, he encourages anyone to visit the library and provide comments that he thinks would improve the facility.

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