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Autauga County Commissioner Larry Stoudemire.

By Hamilton Richardson

Elmore/Autauga News

Top photo: Resident Jack Morgan yells at the Autauga County Commissioners during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Anger and hostility erupted at the Autauga County commission meeting on Tuesday night as residents of District 5 came before the group to complain about the paving of roads in their district.

Citizens of District 5 have come before the commission numerous times in recent meetings with similar concerns, but resident Jack Morgan, as he shared his concerns on several issues, grew louder and more seemingly in anger as he spoke, even questioning the character of President Jay Thompson.

Morgan began his comments by asking why the more than $10 million in US bailout funds couldn’t be divided among districts instead of spending them in certain districts and on certain projects.

“It’s sad you’re all sitting here looking at me like I’m stupid,” Morgan said. “I have a lot of common sense. I have really good math. Everybody knows exactly what everybody’s doing. Take all that money and put it in Pine Level. But when I came to talk about Kingston Park, you said oh we don’t care Now Mr. (Larry) Stoudemire is making a motion for a grant Why are you applying for a grant when you have $10.84 million Why in the community black, we can’t get anything, but you go up there at Pine Level and put everything there?

Commissioner Larry Stoudemire started asking a question and Morgan said, “No, I’m talking. You’re not going to take my time.

Thompson told Morgan he had one more minute of the three minutes allotted for commentary and Morgan said no, he had more time.

This started an argument between Thompson and Morgan over the resident questioning County Attorney Kyle Shirley.

“If you want to speak to the attorney, you can drop by his office and make an appointment,” Thompson said.

“Don’t sit here and try to put me down,” Morgan said as his voice continued to rise.

Thompson responded by saying, “I’m not trying to put you down. I’m leading this meeting.

Morgan said: ‘Just like you’re running everything else and trying to take taxpayers’ money and you’re trying to run that too. You have no character about yourself. You have no character about yourself.

Stoudemire jumped in saying, “What you’re talking about doesn’t even make sense. I’ve been talking to you for four or five months. Tell me what’s wrong for us to apply for a grant. »

Morgan then started shouting loudly at Stoudemire and the president told the resident to stop shouting at Stoudemire.

After a few more words addressed to Stoudemire, Morgan walked away.

Jackie Speigner, who has already approached the commission on similar grounds, decided to file her remarks even though her name was on the agenda.

Another resident of the neighborhood in question, Marchelle Henderson, began to share her feelings.

Henderson, similarly, described road conditions in her area of ​​the district and asked for a plan to have them paved, mentioning rocks flying down dirt roads as she drove and others driving dangerously.

District 5 resident Eric Davis.

Stoudemire then asked Henderson how long she had lived there and she replied 29 years. He then asked why in 29 years no one has come to the commission asking for help?

“I don’t like these false accusations that I’m not trying to do anything for District 5,” he said.

Henderson replied, “We’re just stating facts.”

“How do you know we don’t have a plan to pave the roads? said Stoudemire. “If I tell you something, you won’t believe me anyway.”

Henderson ended his remarks by saying that Stoudemire didn’t care about his concerns.

“I pray for all of you and it’s sad when you have people who don’t really seem to care about the people of Autauga County, especially District 5,” she said. “I probably died and left before all these roads were paved and other things were done.”

The last resident to address the crowd was Eric Davis, who asked the commission to reschedule the meeting time to accommodate working people. He also addressed a leaking water pipe outside his house, which he said no one had fixed for a few weeks.

“I don’t come here to bother with anybody or argue,” Davis commented. “I came to do something.”

Davis raised the issue of road paving and asked the commission to consider a plan to pave three miles of road in District 5.

“Can we start working together and see the work done? He asked.

President Thompson began to enumerate how many miles of dirt road presently lay in each district that needed to be paved.

Davis asked why residents of those areas weren’t at the meeting, and Thompson said if he invited them, they would come.

“But I’m here,” he said.

After using profanity at the end of his remarks, Thompson told him he couldn’t use that kind of language and Davis sat down, ending public comment.

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