DeKalb Planning Commission Conditionally Recommends Approval of Single Family Residential Rezoning Application

Builders Occupational Group submitted an application to DeKalb County requesting a rezoning from R-100 (Residential Medium Lot-100) to R-75 (Residential Small Lot-75) to construct a single-family detached residential subdivision on twelve acres located at 5277 Rockbridge Road at Stone Mountain. The property currently contains a single-family home and is being slated for suburban growth, according to the DeKalb Comprehensive Plan.

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On January 6, 2022, the county planning commission conditionally recommended approval of rezoning application to R-75. the DeKalb County Commissioners will consider the rezoning request at its regular meeting on January 27, 2022.

According to the application documents, since last November, the Board of Commissioners met with the applicant, which consequently included the submission of a revised rezoning application from the initial application of R-60 (lots of at least 6,000 square feet) to R-75 (lots of at least 10,000 square feet).

The rezoning concept includes a 27-lot single-family residential development with 10,000 square foot lots, 24% open space and an amenity area. The Concept Plan submitted by the Applicant indicates that the proposed subdivision will provide access to Rockbridge Road, a two-lane secondary artery with curb and gutter and no sidewalks. Additionally, the revised plan eliminated secondary access to Wexford Lane at the south-west corner of the site. The expected square footage of the homes will be 2,000 or more with a listed sale price of at least $250,000.

According to county documents, the property is located in an area of ​​the county that is primarily zoned R-100. Surrounding uses include detached single family homes in R-100 zoned subdivisions to the northwest, south, east and west. Moreover, according to the analysis carried out by county planners, the submitted site plan does not indicate compliance with the perimeter lot compatibility requirements of the zoning ordinance, which requires lots along the outer boundary of the site to be at least 80% as large and 80% as wide as the adjoining single-family lots. Any further, county planners indicated that the concept plan does not appear to meet the minimum front and rear building setbacks required by the zoning ordinance, which will likely require an adjustment to the concept plan prior to subdivision approval.

Source: Official
Source: Official

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