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Victoria County Commissioners will consider approving the replacement of county-wide mobile radios at Commissioners Court on Monday.

Current radio units used by law enforcement and public safety offices are about a decade old, Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller said. The county is looking to purchase several hundred radio units from Motorola Solutions to replace older units.

“We did a replacement like this at least 10 years ago, maybe even closer to 15,” Zeller said. “We are now at the point where this needs to be redone, and we have been considering the best way to continue this.”

The county needs to replace nearly 500 radios, Zeller said. These radios are used by the sheriff’s office, fire department, juvenile detention center and constable’s offices, Zeller said. The radios will be both portable units and units installed in patrol vehicles.

It will cost just under $3.97 million to replace all the radios, according to the agenda of the court of commissioners.

“It’s a high price,” Zeller said. “But we should get at least a decade of service from these units like we did last time, so I think it’s really needed.”

Remuneration study

The court of commissioners will also consider ratifying an agreement with BakerTilly to conduct a compensation study and analysis related to county employee compensation.

The county hopes that having such a plan would help attract and retain more quality employees, provide consistency and fairness in job responsibilities and wages, and maintain the county as a competitive employer. compared to other government entities and private companies in the region, according to previous report. Elected officials will not be taken into account in the study.

“With everything going on in the economy, with competition for various employees, we thought the commissioners would be able to make better budget decisions by doing an external analysis like this,” Zeller said.

The study is expected to be completed around June or July, Zeller said, allowing the county to incorporate the study’s findings into next year’s budget.

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