Court of Commissioners Recognizes Campaign Efforts and Camp Fire Kids Visit

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As we saw in the last election here in Wichita County, redistricting and new voting materials forced results later than usual.

But many didn’t see the work happening behind the scenes, as members of the Republican and Democratic parties in Wichita County put in about 30 hours of nonstop work to finalize these results.

Judge Woody Gossom said he finally received a message around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning saying that this group, including Republican Speaker Annette Barfield and Democratic Speaker Luis Serna-Martinez, had successfully joined forces to make it happen. .

“Sitting side by side to do it, the party wasn’t the thing, how to do a good election, and really the issues we had were with more Republican primaries but the Democratic president stayed there and helped wherever he could and was right there it was a good team effort,” Gossom said. “They were over 30 hours there, couldn’t ask for more from the people who had the commitment and that feeling of being in charge and being responsible for the election.”

To hear Gossom explain why the Wichita County election results were delayed, click here.

Also at the Commissioners Court, the kids from the Camp Fire program stopped by before the Absolutely Amazing Kids Day!

The youngsters visited Judge Gossom and the rest of the commissioners to recognize them ahead of this important day.

Absolutely Amazing Kids Day is a nationwide push on the third Thursday of every March, to write a letter or tell a youngster in your life how amazing they are!

Camp Fire President and Precinct 4 Commissioner Jeff Watts wants to help share the good they are doing for the over 100 children in our community.

“It’s a great program and everyone needs the program. Everyone needs encouragement and we have around 100 kids a day in our after school program where they look forward to these types of events where they are encouraged by the community, the people and it’s just a great opportunity for them kids who participate,” Watts said. .

Click here for more information.

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