Court of Commissioners approves budget and tax rate


The Court of Commissioners approved the 2022 fiscal year budget and 2021 tax rate on Monday morning. From left to right, Commissioner Mark Gillespie, PCT. 1; Commissioner Stuart Knowlton, PCT. 2; County Judge Bob Hurley; Commissioner Eliseo Perez, PCT. 3; Commissioner Kennard Riley, PCT. 4; and County Auditor Tracy Barrera. REBECCA PESQUEDA | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

After months of meeting, the Atascosa County Commissioners Court approved the 2022 budget and the 2021 tax rate which includes a small increase in property taxes.

“I want to thank County Auditor Tracy Barrera for her role in helping us find the money to fund the County and all with a new tax rate,” County Judge Bob Hurley said. .

The Commissioners unanimously proposed that the property tax rate be set at the new tax rate by adopting the 2021 total tax rate for Atascosa County at $ 0.607231.

The total tax rate for 2021 is the sum of the following actions unanimously approved by the Commissioners Tribunal on Monday morning:

? 2021 tax rate for the Atascosa County General of $ 0.0458098

? 2021 tax rate for the Atascosa County side road of $ 0.095305

? 2021 tax rate for Atascosa County debt Rate of $ 0.043828

“I want to point out that we have a slight increase in property tax, but because of the unreleased tax rate and state formulas that cause our unchanged tax rate to fluctuate by the amount of our property values and real estate, ”said the judge. Hurley. “They have fallen another 250 million dollars this year, which is why [taxes] increase again slightly this year. It is our prayer that we can see this return to what it was two years ago, but this fluctuation is based on the state’s formula on our ad valorum tax rate, and that is why we are reviewing this rate.


During the public hearing on Monday morning, Barrera informed the Commissioners Tribunal of three changes to the Atascosa County budget for fiscal year 2022.

The first came from CBG grants. The county received a grant with an additional grant from the CBG for $ 350,000.

“At the time of the proposed budget, I was not aware of the additional CBG grant. So I’ve budgeted for this now, ”Barrera said.

The second item was Fund 006 – Child Protective Services Fund, which was reduced to $ 3,650.

“They used their funds and we had initially set the proposed budget for their transfer at around $ 4,500, but our estimated projections were that they didn’t have quite that much money, so we reduced it, but they’re using their funds, ”Barrera said.

The third and final budget change came from Fund 189 – Juvenile, which is public funds. There is $ 1,111.01 left in their funds. Usually, any remaining funds have to be returned to the state, but they let the county keep them this time around.

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