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For the editor:
We are supporting Mary Faith Bell for Tillamook County Commissioner because she is the best person for the job. His opponent, Graydon Hallock, has an extensive criminal and civil record. What stands out most are the charges against the Family Abuse Prevention Act. Go check his file on the Tillamook County Circuit Court’s public computer at the courthouse. His record and the pattern of abusive behavior it contains speaks for itself.

Asked about his criminal history at the Pacific City Candidate Forum, Graydon replied as if he had only been in trouble once. He appeared to be referring to when, in 2015, he struck his child’s mother with a vehicle while the child was in the vehicle, for which he was convicted on two counts of layoff. reckless danger from another person, one count each for the victim. and the child. Describing the incident on the Pacific City forum, Graydon blamed the victim, said he was falsely accused, said the court got it wrong and he was going to have his record expunged.
His court record does not support his story. For example, in a statement filed with the court in April 2017, Graydon Hallock admitted that he had been sentenced to 24 months probation on two counts of recklessly endangering another person, and that before that, he had been subjected to the
conditions of a security release agreement. He admitted serving 45 days in the Tillamook County Jail and being credited for the time served. He also admitted that he was ordered to attend a batterer intervention program and a 12-week foster parent course. A month after this judgment, an arrest warrant was issued against him for contempt and non-compliance with the action plan set by the court.
This is an example of his long record. He did not show up at the AAUW nominee forum at all, possibly because he no longer wanted to answer questions about his crimes.
Conclusion: We do not want a commissioner who threatens, hurts and endangers women and children and thinks he is above the law.
We stand with women and children. We stand with the victims.
We stand with the leaders who will work to protect the victims. We stand with Mary Faith Bell.

Carrie FullerTillamook
Lauren Wilks, Tillamook

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