Confusion at Nueces County Commissioners Court


With the split of the City County Health District, the future of these two health entities is troubling some officials.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The Nueces County Commissioners’ Court discussed the unfreezing of 16 public health technician positions on Wednesday.

Commissioners face tough decisions amid the confusion after the city announced it would separate from what is currently the City County Health District.

“Right now, everyday is going on as usual, especially when it comes to DSHS grants, we have to, in other words, not want us to stop, we have to keep moving on. ‘before,’ Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales said.

Commissioners having to decide to extend a state grant given to the county to continue paying employees who already work for the health district.

“The tribunal of commissioners has already approved this grant. The reason we’re coming back is because the positions weren’t placed in that initial grant repository, ”said Luis Wilmont, deputy director of public health.

“If we don’t approve of this for these people, the work stops for them. The contact tracing, epidemiology and disease surveillance they are currently carrying out stop when the exhalation stops. ”

With the split of the City County Health District, the future of these two health entities is making some commissioners uncomfortable.

“It depends on what’s going on with this health district business whether we are somehow going to relax and that’s what confuses me,” Commissioner Brent Chesney said.

However, other commissioners simply wanted a decision to be finalized.

“In the end, I don’t care where it all breaks in the line of jobs where we owe it to ourselves and the people who approve of it today, I don’t care if that goes. to the city then so be it, said Commissioner John Marez.

As the court of commissioners continued, the confusion remained.

“We have a long list of questions caused by the city’s removals commissioner, that’s a big question, the grant was given to the health department entity. Annette can answer for us,” said Nueces County Lawyer Jenny P. Dorsey.

Health director Annette Rodriguez said she had contacted the Department of Health Services to help resolve the confusion and determine what should be decided.

“For this particular grant, I asked the state’s associate health commissioner, David Gruber, what he basically said is that we are a health district established by city council. As such, we do not walk or withdraw from the health district. The county wants to continue to be an established health district, as such we continue to operate as usual. Our grants continue to move forward, ”Rodriguez said.

Ultimately, Commissioners approved securing these employee positions, but it looks like it’s just a bump in the road in a long journey ahead.

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