Committee re-approves Ionia County commissioner’s new plan


The Ionia County Allocation Committee met on September 28 to approve the 2021 Commissioners Council allocation plan. Committee members met again on Monday to re-approve the plan amid legal confusion over deadlines. In the photo, from left to right, Miranda Sharp-Boisseau, Kyle Butler, Greg Geiger, Judith Clark and Lynn Mason. – DN Stock Photo | Karen bota

IONIA – The Ionia County Allocation Committee met on Monday morning, once again and for the last time, to re-approve the 2021 Council of Commissioners Allocation Plan.

The validation plan, map and resolution approving the allocation plan were re-approved by committee members at the brief meeting. It will be resubmitted – both electronically and through the U.S. Postal Service – to the Michigan Secretary of State as a county plan for the next 10 years.

The committee had already met on September 28 to approve the package, which sets new district boundaries for county commissioners, starting with the August 2022 primary elections. The current seven commissioners will serve until January 1, 2023, date on which the new card will come into effect.

The only difference in the package will be when the resolution is passed, according to Ionia County Clerk and Dispatch Committee Chairman Greg Geiger.

The committee met a second time due to confusion regarding the official publication date of census data and therefore the deadlines for submitting new districts.

The state legislature has passed a law that states that new districts must be approved “at least 30 days” from the release of census data, “which rules out the possibility of approving too early,” explained Geiger to the committee at their September meeting. 28 meeting.

If the Supreme Court finds August 12 to be the official release date, the plans must be passed after October 11. If the court agrees on September 17, the plans must be adopted after October 17 but before the 15th.

Livingston County Legal Counsel David Stoker of Cohl, Stoker & Toskey, who also represents Ionia County, suggested the two counties consider one of the two remedies.

The first would be to adopt the plan by October 11, in case the courts determine that August 12 is the deadline, and then hold another meeting after October 17 but before November 15 to adopt the same plan again. . This option required the county clerk to submit the same plan twice to the Secretary of State.

The second option, chosen by Livingston County, is to seek an extension from the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The Ionia County Allocation Committee decided to meet a second time to re-approve the new commissioner districts and resubmit them to the state.

“There is no reason to spend the resources (on a court petition),” said Judith Clark, Ionia County Treasurer and member of the allocation committee. “I wouldn’t want the county to pay for a call.”

The committee adjourned on Monday after only three minutes.

“The 2021 allocation committee has completed its work,” Geiger said. “It’s an important process and we did it well.

The new maps define the new commissioner districts as follows:

• District 1 includes the Town of Belding, the Township of Otisco and part of the Township of Orleans west of Johnson Road. The population of this district is 8,628.

• District 2 includes Ronald Township, North Plains Township, Lyons Township and part of Orleans Township east of Johnson Road. The population of this district is 8,807.

• District 3 includes Keene Township, Easton Township and Ionia Township. The population of this district is 8,759.

• District 4 includes the Township of Boston and the Township of Campbell. The population of this district is 8,420.

• District 5 encompasses the city of Ionia and the canton of Berlin. The population of this district is 8,796.

• District 6 includes Odessa Township, Sebewa Township, Orange Township and part of Danby Township west of Charlotte Highway and south of Butler Road, and part west of Frost Road and south of McCrumb Road. The population of this district is 8,214.

• District 7 includes the Township of Portland, the City of Portland and part of the Township of Danby east of Charlotte Highway and north of Butler Road and part east of Frost Road and north of McCrumb Road . The population of this district is 8,470 inhabitants.

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