Comal County Court of Commissioners approves 2023 budget with 8% increase for employees; excludes elected officials

On August 18, the Comal County Court of Commissioners unanimously approved the 2023 county budget, which included an 8% aggregate salary increase for all county employees.

After some public comment, however, the commissioners opted to amend the budget to exclude themselves and other county elected officials from the salary increase.

The budget of $77.15 million represents a 5.79% increase over the budget for the previous year; however, the 2022 budget was a 3.87% decrease from the 2021 budget.

As promised during the initial pay raise vote at the Aug. 11 meeting, Precinct 3 Commissioner Kevin Webb introduced the motion to change the raises to exclude elected officials.

Comal County Judge Sherman Krause pointed out that the county pay scale for employees lag too far behind private sector employment.

“Right now in our sheriff’s office we have 36 vacant deputy positions. We have 33 vacant correctional officer positions. In our roads department, we have 30 vacancies for people who go out into the field and they fix and take care of our roads,” Krause said. “Not so long ago, when we advertised a position, we sometimes received more than 100 applications for these positions. Today, we sometimes post jobs and do not get any applications.

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