Charles County Commissioner’s Meeting Update March 22

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LA PLATA, Md. – On Tuesday, March 22, Chief Media Services Officer Jennifer Harris and Senior Video Producer Brent Huber presented the County Board of Commissioners with a proposed public hearing format. Harris spoke about the Public Hearings survey conducted by the Media Services Division, in which more than half of respondents prefer written testimony to provide feedback. Other respondents were split between the options of providing comments at an in-person public hearing, participating virtually, or contacting commissioners by phone.

In order to be cost effective and provide great opportunities for community engagement in the upcoming budget hearing process, staff recommended that County Commissioners consider a two-pronged approach, which would include having a portion of public budget hearing in person, followed by a second part of the hearing virtually. The Media Services Division will continue to collect data on which options residents prefer for public hearings. County commissioners have approved the two-track approach for the public hearing on the budget to be held next month.

Open information sessions

Legislative update

Associate County II Attorney Danielle Mitchell provided a update on the 2022 Maryland General Assembly session.

Updates included:

  • House Bill 1415 and House Bill 1114/Senat Bill 741 have been withdrawn.
  • Senate Bill 1010 / House Bill 1486 passed the General Assembly.
  • Senate Bill 297 / House Bill 339 has passed the Senate and a House hearing is scheduled for March 30.
  • The Maryland Counties Association has requested the county commissioners’ support for Senate Bill 31, which has passed the Senate and will go through a House hearing. The county commissioners have approved sending their approval for this bill.
  • Deputy County Administrator Deborah Hall and Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Director Kelli Beavers provided additional information regarding Senate Bill 685. The Beavers raised questions regarding the impact on the county, including responsibility for the feasibility study, the county’s role, funding, type of partnership, and how it would work in harmony with existing facilities such as Regency Furniture Stadium.
  • House Bill 35/Senate Bill 158 passed the General Assembly. The Charles County Board of Elections provided a demand for county commissioners to ask Gov. Larry Hogan to veto the bill over the requirement to have the same number of polling places available in 2018. The county board of elections detailed the concerns in the letter regarding the limited number of poll workers and the requirement to purchase additional poll books and scanners. The county commissioners asked for additional information to find out if other local jurisdictions are facing similar issues and asked the county electoral board to appear before the county commissioners to further explain the concerns. County commissioners approved sending a letter to the state regarding the concerns discussed.

Approval items

The Commissioners also approved:

Next session of Commissioners: March 28, 29 and 30, 2022

Citizens with special needs can contact the Maryland Relay Service at 711, or the TDD Relay Service: 800-735-2258.

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