Challenger drops recount bid, concedes race from Travis County Commissioner

Challenger Susanna Ledesma-Woody said Wednesday she no longer intended to seek a recount in the Democratic primary race for a Travis County Court of Commissioners seat after results showed her losing to the longtime incumbent Margaret Gómez by 219 votes.

In the final but unofficial results of the Enclosure 4 race, Gómez garnered 10,948 votes, or 50.51%. Ledesma-Woody received 10,729 votes, or 49.49% of the vote. There is no Republican candidate in the race.

The results are expected to be certified by the Travis County Clerk’s Office on Thursday, by which time Ledesma-Woody would have had until 5 p.m. Monday to formally request a recount, she said.

Unless the election results changed based on the recount, Ledesma-Woody’s campaign would have been responsible for paying for the recount process. Ledesma-Woody said she hadn’t received a clear answer on how much the recount would cost – at one point she was told it would cost around $6,600 and at another it was around $16,000.

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Ledesma-Woody said the lack of clarity — about the cost as well as other aspects of the process — caused her to drop her pursuit of a recount.

“It was going to be too much work and effort that I just don’t have the capacity to do right now,” she said. “The recount process was really confusing and complicated, and I wasn’t getting clear answers from anyone. So for me, it was just ‘let’s move on’. We’ll call it a loss, and we did a really good job. work.

Ledesma-Woody said she was proud of the positive campaign she spearheaded, working with a lower “popular budget” than Gómez.

“We will continue to fight with our community and for our community. We will remain committed and we will continue to be a voice for Southeast Travis County,” she said in a written statement. “I invite you all to join me and work to bring the change I promised to our most vulnerable, to end resource inequality, to work for affordable housing, transportation, accessible health care , access to food, criminal justice reform and working for environmental sustainability.”

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Travis County Commissioner Margaret Gómez won her re-election bid in the Democratic primary for Precinct 4.

Joe Cascino, Gómez’s campaign manager, said Gómez and his team were confident in the election night results.

“We remain grateful for the support from the community and our entire team,” Cascino said. “We congratulate Susanna Ledesma-Woody on a well run race and look forward to working with her to further improve our community.”

Ledesma-Woody said she plans to hold Gómez to that promise while continuing her organizing and volunteer work in the community.

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“The Gómez campaign has said they’re looking forward to working with me in the future, so I’m going to stick with them and see if that actually happens,” she said. “We’re not going anywhere.”

Gómez has served as county commissioner since 1994.

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