Carruthers is running for re-election as Floyd County Commissioner | News

Republican Shawn Carruthers is running for re-election as your full-time commissioner, District 1. He is currently your full-time commissioner, District 1.

Shawn and his wife, Ann, have been married for 29 years and have two children, Christopher Shawn and Kiersten Ann. Shawn volunteers in our community and works with his wife on mental health as advocates for the prevention of child abuse through education and awareness.

Shawn is very active in his community and his local government:

• Chairman-Board of Commissioners 2020 to present

Planning Commission 2020 to today

• Caesars Foundation of Floyd County will present

• The Kentuckiana Planning and Regional Development Agency (KIPDA) will present

• Served on the board of Floyd County 4-H Corporation

• River Hills Economic Development and Regional Planning Council

• The Friends of the Town Clock Church Board of Directors will present

• Chairman of the Floyd County Republican Party from 2016 to 2021

• Precinct Committee Members for Floyd County’s 31st Precinct – 2011–Present

• Chairman of the Floyd County Republican Party from 2016 to 2021

• Delegate to the State Convention — 2013

• Floyd County Republican Party Treasurer—2013-2016

•Floyd County Coordinator for Sen. Todd Young as 9th District Congressman Candidate

First quarter achievements:

• Infrastructure: over 42 miles of paved roads in 2020, 21 miles paved in 2021, 10 bridges repaired, replaced or inspected.

• Broadband: $4.2 million invested in affordable, high-quality broadband since 2019, reaching more than 2,300 homes and businesses in Floyd County.

• Economic development: NovaParke-Campus innovation and technology; 60-acre innovation and technology park, creating over 400 STEM jobs and retaining our local talent. Build an RR overpass to eliminate 3 RR overpasses, install a stop light at Oakes Road and Tunnel Hill.

• S&P Global Rating: Champion for better bond yields.

Second term priorities:

• People: Improve quality of life through improvements to the county park, accessible playgrounds and nature walking trails.

• Infrastructure: Replacement of Blackiston Mill Bridge and continuation of county road paving program/schedule. Improve rural sewer connections and help develop/improve water services using ARP funds.

• Broadband: Floyd County 100% border-to-border broadband. Broadband is essential to economic development, the health of our residents and our quality of life.

• Economic Development: Developing NovaParke’s capabilities as the region’s innovation engine with an entrepreneurial lab space.

Serving as a commissioner is a full-time responsibility. Shawn is retired and will continue to be your full-time commissioner. The approval of the people of Floyd County is what matters.

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