Candidate Profile: Tim Hodge, Levy County Commissioner, District 4 | Local News

Candidate Name : Tim Hodge

Name under which you pass: Time

Office wanted: Levy County Commissioner, District 4

School background: High school diploma

Occupation: Heavy equipment operator/manage logging crew

What are your top three campaign priorities?

To represent the citizens of Levy County, maintain a balanced budget, and work hand-in-hand with all Levy County departments.

What differentiates you from your opponent(s)?

The main important thing about me is that I am a good listener, levelheaded, common sense, work ethic and will listen to the people I work for. The people I’ve spoken to in the county have concerns that I’m willing to listen to and do my best to resolve those issues. There are a number of concerns in the county, and District 4 is a big district.

District 4 is experiencing numerous flooding issues inland and along the coast. I plan to work to help maintain the roads by looking for answers to help fix them. I am a hardworking man who has worked all my life.

So work is something I’m used to. I will be available for the people of the department. If elected, this will be my full-time position. Thus, I will be available to work for our Citizens. I am ready to represent the county to the best of my ability.

What are your sources of information on local political issues?

Journals, minutes of board meetings and people.

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