Candidate for County Commissioner Shawn Nanny

SAN ANGELO — Candidates for the May 24 GOP Runoff election in Tom Green County were asked to answer a series of questions posed by San Angelo LIVE! readers.

Questions were submitted to San Angelo LIVE! and have been condensed into 12 questions. These 12 questions were then sent to the candidates.

The answers to these questions are published as a tool to help voters decide who they want to vote for. The run-off election will take place on May 24, 2022 with early voting from May 16 to May 20.

Shawn Nanny is running for County Commissioner Tom Green Pct. 4.

Here are the answers to Nanny’s 12 questions in her own words.

1. Do you think it is important to help families stranded through Mineral Wells to find an alternate route. If not, is the subdivision developer responsible?

Yes. I have a plan to help facilitate an alternate route during times when the low tide passage is inaccessible, until funds are available to build a bridge over this passage.

2. If it is illegal for the county to use equipment and county funds on private property, especially subdivision roads, what would be your plan for accepting new and existing roads into county inventory ?

The policy states that the Commissioner’s Court “may adopt” new roads that meet specifications and accept them into the county’s inventory. Any acceptance of roads into the county inventory would have to be voted on and approved by the Commissioner’s Court.

3. Do you support increasing the $10 road and bridge fee charged on license tag renewals to increase road revenue?

Yes. The $10 fee has been in place for decades and has not been adjusted to match inflation. Even a slight increase would significantly increase funding for the Roads and Bridges Department.

4. Does Tom Green County own water rights or supply water to subdivisions?

No. However, the County contributes to facilitate the financing of the hydraulic infrastructures of housing estates.

5. Would you support a substantial increase in funding for volunteer fire departments and where would you cut the county budget to find those funds?

I am always in favor of providing the necessary to equip our VFDs. These agencies are our only line of defense in areas outside the city limits, other than the Forest Service. These agencies are run by volunteers who sacrifice their time and well-being to protect their neighbors. I will work hand in hand with VFDs in the region to obtain funding, preferably external funding that does not come from the pockets of our taxpayers. However, if no outside funding is available, funds must be cut from our non-essential expenses. In that case, I would have to cut the money from our county parks. Our VFDs are absolutely necessary.

6. Would you consider advocating for the county to consolidate road and bridge duties with the City of San Angelo if this process were legal?

No. I think that would create too much confusion all around. County crews must maintain roads outside the city limits, while city crews maintain roads within.

7. Do you support an immediate salary increase for corrections officers at the Tom Green County Jail to increase capacity and where would the funding come from?

I am in favor of increasing the salary of correctional officers to maintain a competitive salary for this position, but if the money isn’t there, THERE IS NOT. We need to be creative and identify the “benefits” to attract and retain staff in this area.

8. Tom Green County Library System and County Parks are optional expenses; they are not mandated by state law. Would you consider permanently closing county parks and/or drastically reducing library services to avoid a property tax increase?

I will fight to keep both entities funded without tax increases. Worst-case scenario, I would drastically cut funding for parks and work with library leaders to figure out a way to maintain services at a lower cost.

9. Does the Court of Commissioners have specific statutory authority to spend property tax money on economic development other than property tax abatements? If yes, please explain in detail.

Editor’s note: Mr. Nanny did not provide an answer to this question.

10. What departments or services are you willing to consider cutting to meet unfunded state or federal mandates?

As I stated in a previous answer, I don’t want to delete any department or service. I will work with our Heads of State not to put us in a situation where we have to make that choice.

11. What is your understanding of the role of the Court of Commissioners in natural and man-made disasters with respect to emergency management?

The county judge is the designated authority responsible for responding to any natural disaster. It has established guidelines to facilitate emergency response management. The Commissioner’s Court follows the plan and acts as a liaison between the voters and the judge as a line of communication.

12. Would you support voting to replace any or all of the members of the Tom Green County Tax Assessment District Board of Directors? Why or why not?

No. These members are voted on and elected by various entities across the county, i.e. water utilities, school boards, municipalities, etc.

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