The Berks County Commissioner is considering a plan to create a campus in Mohnton that will provide storage space and rooms to provide a variety of services to the community.

Candidate sites include approximately 105,000 square feet of office and warehouse space along East Wyomissing Avenue. Known as the South Campus.

Officials said at a county steering meeting on Tuesday that the campus would be a cost-effective option to consolidate multiple county departments housed in leased locations across the county. They said it would provide safe storage space for election facilities.

Kenpick, the general secretary of the Berks County Redevelopment Authority, is located at 400 E. Wyomissing Ave by the Berks County Nonprofit Development Corporation (a nonprofit organization controlled by the authorities). He told the commissioner he signed a contract of sale to buy real estate for around $ 5.4 million. ..

The property once housed GAI-Tronics.

The nonprofit development company offers to lease the warehouse and facility offices to the county. The proposed deal will allow the county to be secured on a 30-year fixed lease, protecting the county from potential cost increases. The proposed lease also includes renovations valued at $ 4 million. The county then pays for the additional renovation if necessary.

“The redevelopment authorities and their non-profit organizations are ready to support the county government with ideas and projects to cut costs,” Pick said. “This proposal is another example of such a project.

Commissioners are expected to vote to approve the lease at the weekly board meeting on Thursday.

When the county looked for a new facility to store election materials, plans were made to create a south campus. The Berks County Agricultural Center warehouse does not have enough space to add an electronic voting book.

While considering the possibility of building facilities and rental space, officials said the Mohnton site was ideal for storing election materials and other pending needs.

“This is not only a good opportunity to secure the necessary space for the electoral facilities, but it also frees up space in the agricultural center for the various institutions currently present to expand their services,” said Michael. . Rivera said.

This proposal uses this functionality for the following purposes:

  • Permanent space to store election materials and test materials, train polling station workers and collect ballots by mail. The county election commission had previously discussed building its own structure to house the device, but officials said it had become clear that building a new facility would take too long. ..
  • Storage of archived files.
  • Located in Mohnton, it is currently a candidate site for the District Court, which is occupied by District Judge David Yoch. The county and redevelopment authorities have been working on plans for several years to find alternatives to rental properties in various district courts.
  • Berks Book Bonanza’s permanent home for the storage, organization and sale of donations. The annual Berks County Public Library Friends Used Book Sale has been held at various locations over the past few years and requires a new site.

“This provides long-term savings for several county departments while meeting the critical needs of storing, testing and training polling material for polling officers in one location,” the commissioner said. Said Christian Reinbach, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The county is also studying the possibility of transferring some functionality of the emergency service to the site if this meets technical and material needs. If the county cannot move its department there, authorities said there were other county departments that could be moved from the downtown campus.

“The creation of the South Campus will bring together several county functions under one roof and provide better service to our residents,” said Commissioner Kevin Beirne. “This is a great opportunity in a great location with facilities that can really be customized to our needs and can increase access to county services in line with future plans. “

If approved, the site will be the county’s third campus. The County Service Center in downtown Reading is home to Commissioners and many other county services.

The northern campus of the Canton of Bern includes the Berks County Jail, Berksheim and the County Agricultural Center. The county is also using space near the Reading Area Airport for its coroner’s office and emergency department.

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