Berkeley County Planning Commission approves plans and moves forward | Newspaper

MARTINSBURG – This week at the Berkeley County Planning Commission meeting, several public hearings and drafts were moved to their next step following recommendations from Berkeley County staff and engineer Doug Smith, as well as the advancement of the votes of the Berkeley County Planning Commission.

These projects include:

McCauley Crossing – located on the south side of Giles Mill Road, approximately 1000 feet east of the intersection of Giles Mill Road and Route 11, offering 69 townhouse lots on 8.7 acres to be serviced by water and public sewers.

Martinsburg Spec Building – located south of the intersection of Winchester Avenue and Hammonds Mill Road, proposing the construction of an industrial building of approximately 829,947 square feet on approximately 62 acres to be served by water and public sewers.

Bridle Creek – located along the east and west sides of Barrel Race Road in the Bridle Creek subdivision, offering 25 single-family residential lots on approximately 19 acres that will be served by water and public sewers.

Cornerstone Bible Church – located at the intersection of W.Va. Route 7, Back Creek Road and Cavern Road, proposing the creation of a 7.11 acre parcel and a 10.33 acre tailings parcel which will be served by a well and a septic tank.

Pebble Ridge – located at the terminus of Duckwoods Lane, approximately 2000 feet west of Ridge Road South, offering 20 residential lots on approximately 12.34 acres to be serviced by water and public sewers.

The next planning committee meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. in the Berkeley County Council Chamber on January 6.

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